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Direct from the booming streets of Miami's Liberty City
comes the return of the one-and-only hip hop maestro Trick
Daddy and his new nonfiction musical opus, BOOK OF THUGS
CHAPTER A.K., VERSE 47. Rolling up on the heels of his RIAA
gold, Billboard top 10 R&B smash, WWW.THUG.COM, Trick
brings true thug philosophy to all-new turbulent tales of
Southern style street life.

"To me it's all personal," explains Trick. "When you have
people question you about a particular song and ask you,
'Did that really happen to you?,' that's when you More...

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Lyrics from a non-Florida thug | Reviewer: jim
    ------ About the song I'm a Thug performed by Trick Daddy

Give me half a pill
And some zephanyll

The correct lyrics are:
Gimme a half a mil
in Zephyr Hills

Zephyr Hills is a city near Tampa in florida, I don't even think something called zephanyll exists, even if it does this is wrong, Trick Daddy is from Orlando and is definitely talking about Zephyr Hills

Life...for those who been threw somethin keep ya head up!!! | Reviewer: Carlisha E Littlejohn
    ------ About the song Thug Holiday performed by Trick Daddy

This song may be an old song but it reminds me of my bother and my friend guy...they been threw so much thats why you dont jugde ppl cuz u never know where they stand or what they been threw everybody goes threw somethin life isnt perfect...nobody understands what ppl go threw unless u go threw the same thing 2mar isnt promised keep ya head up live life like its ur last cuz u'll never know when its your last...forget about what ppl say about you or what they have done...forgive=) i learned alot in life and im only 17 years old ive been threw alot but i thanx God cuz i know he's jux testin me and i thanx him and love him for what he's doin in my life and what he has not yet done YALL out there keep your head up....=)

Life Is Crazii Aint It?! | Reviewer: Ky
    ------ About the song Thug Holiday performed by Trick Daddy

I really enjoy this song and its telling the truth..because life is crazii I dedicate this song to my brother(Just like the soldier's that aint coming home this year) because he's a soldier in afghanistan...but life is crazii aint it why violence in the streets? Killing each other, life is crazii aint?!...I knw it getz sooo hard but I gotta keep my head up! And be strong!!!

Doug's Holiday! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Thug Holiday performed by Trick Daddy

My bestfriend DDS was taken from me 2 years ago this day. This song is dedicated to him. I love you and I will continue to keep your memory alive cause "it gets hard sometimes, but [I] gotta keep [my] head up."

Sugar on your Tongue and My Soul | Reviewer: TT
    ------ About the song Sugar performed by Trick Daddy

While this is several years later, I love the music and I am from the old school and when i come home on Friday nights, hum, I play the song and dance and dance and dance and quite naturally sing too! I LOVE IT TRICK!

man this is real | Reviewer: sara
    ------ About the song Thug Holiday performed by Trick Daddy

my nigga is locked up and this song just reminds me of him so much i mean this song brings tears to my eyes... when they wrote this song they done a awsome job i mean it is just so real....

Thug Love | Reviewer: Jennifer Sutton
    ------ About the song Thug Holiday performed by Trick Daddy

I like this song because it shows what life is really like out there. I think its one of the most peacefulest songs in the world

lets go | Reviewer: angel boy
    ------ About the song Let's Go performed by Trick Daddy

this song is the best i thought akon was cool but you guys really rock im going to show my freinds this song ice for real stay up

Real Talk | Reviewer: Kristie
    ------ About the song Thug Holiday performed by Trick Daddy

When I first heard this song I had to go aand get the cd cuz it brought tears to my eyes. I had just got out the pen for being out in that game tuff and didn't want the same for my lil sister. I still love this song, can't nobody understand unless they been through it.

ole hoe | Reviewer: drew nichols
    ------ About the song Hoe Skit performed by Trick Daddy

this is hilarious and can be offensive to heffers that hate, and trap brothaz down wit tha b.s.!!! Getter Granny!

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