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If the past couple of year’s have been rock’n’roll’s radio
iceage, right now our toes are teetering on the brink of a
lush new dawn. The question is; beyond the shit-storm of
supposed saviour bands whose name-drops christened the New
Year, which of the lauded gangs of axe-wielders are the
genuine sculptors of tomorrow? Well, of the few promised
Next Big Things, none have actually earned their hype more
than Camden’s Tribes. “When you’re a kid you want to be
cool, so you make experimental weird music. But for us, I
think there justMore...

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Review about Tribes songs
R.I.P. the Haddon | Reviewer: Dahnii AM
    ------ About the song Corner Of An English Field performed by Tribes

Part of this song was written in memory of their friend Charles Haddon from Ou est le Swimming Pool whom are one of my favorite bands.

Great song...
If this song doesn't get them noticed then don't think they will ever.

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