Trey Songz Albums

  • Who's Hotter Than Songz Part 2 Album
    Rockin' That Thang
    Say You Will (Remix)
    Murder She Wrote (Remix)
    Blame It
    Addicted To Songz
    Ghetto People
    Brand New
    Day N Night
    I Ain't Playing
    Don't Wanna Come Down
    I Need A Girl
    Takes Time To Love
    Love Song
    Cuddy Buddy
    In Ya Phone
    Takin' It There
    This Is The Life
    Replacement Girl
    I'm Da Man

  • Trigga Album (7/1/2014)
    Touchin, Lovin
    Dead Wrong
    All We Do
    Foreign (Remix)
    Late Night
    Yes, No, Maybe
    Change Your Mind
    Bonus Tracks
    What's Best For You
    Love Around The World
    I Know (Can't Get Back)
    Mr. Steal Your Girl
    Hard To Walk Away

  • Chapter V Album (8/21/2012)
    Chapter V (Intro)
    Dive In
    Panty Wetter
    Heart Attack
    Playin' Hard
    2 Reasons
    Hail Mary
    Don't Be Scared
    Pretty Girl's Lie
    Bad Decisions
    Forever Yours
    Inside Interlude
    Without A Woman
    Interlude 4 U
    Simply Amazing
    Never Again
    Check Me Out
    Chapter V (Outro)
    Bonus Tracks
    Ladies Go Wild
    Almost Lose It

  • Inevitable Album (11/28/2011)
    Top Of The World
    What I Be On
    I Do
    Outside, Pt. 1
    Sex Ain't Better Than Love

  • Anticipation II Album (11/1/2011)
  • #Lemmeholdatbeat2 Album (6/1/2011)
  • #Lemmeholdatbeat Album (12/1/2010)
  • Passion, Pain & Pleasure Album (9/14/2010)
  • I Gotta Make It: Select Cuts From The Debut Album Album (9/1/2010)
  • Murder He Wrote III Album (8/1/2010)
  • My Sex Room Album (7/1/2010)
  • Genesis Album (6/1/2010)
  • Love King Album (4/1/2010)
  • Anticipation Album (9/29/2009)
  • Ready Album (9/1/2009)
  • Covers & Pillows Album (8/1/2009)
  • The Ladies Choice 3 Album (12/1/2008)
  • The Ladies Choice 2 Album (3/1/2008)
  • Trey Day Album (10/2/2007)
  • The Ladies Choice Album (9/1/2007)
  • I Gotta Make It Album (7/26/2005)

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    Reviews about Trey Songz albums
    BEST ALBUM YET!! | Reviewer: LaShelle Torres
        ------ About the album Chapter V performed by Trey Songz

    So far, so good. The Price of Virginia is still catching all the ladies' attention with this hot-track filled album of 2012!!! I love it, and couldn't ask for nothing better. Trey, keep them records coming!!!

    Love his songs | Reviewer:
        ------ About the album I Gotta Make It performed by Trey Songz

    I love all his songs because they talk about things that are real and what could happen if we are not careful for what we say or do. They also explain what a guy feel or like in a woman. What some or most people go through in everyday life and how we can change it no matter how big or little it is.

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