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Call it R&B with a hip-hop urgency. “We’re just Call it R&B with a hip-hop urgency. “We’re just making sure that I’m felt in the streets as much as I’m felt on the soulful level,” says 20-year-old Songbook/ Atlantic recording artist Trey Songz.

The Petersburg, Virginia phenom didn’t always have a musical career in mind. As a child, there were no rigorous voice or piano lessons. In fact, all through high school, Trey was doing what most kids his age were doing: playing basketball, throwing parties, and getting dragged to church by his devout grandmother, who sang in a gospel choir. “I wasn’t even paying attention to R&B at the time,” says Trey. “I was listening to straight rap, like Biggie, Jay-Z, and Nas.” The only R&B artist who caught his attention was R. Kelly, whose work Trey reveres. “When it comes to R&B, he kills it. He gives you every part of the soul he can think of, from the gangsta to the gentleman,” says Trey, whose elastic tenor conjures a younger, fresher Kelly.

At the behest of his mother and friends, Trey entered, and won, a total of 20 local talent shows. He was rapidly building a name for himself. But the real epiphany didn’t occur until age 15, when Trey met his producer and mentor, Troy Taylor – a veteran whose resume includes everybody from Patti Labelle to SWV, Lionel Richie to B2K. Impressed by an a cappella version of “All The Things I Do,” a song Trey himself had written, Taylor urged him to get serious.

Upon finishing high school, Trey moved to New Jersey to focus solely on music. Taylor, in turn, focused on teaching his protégé music history. “We would go to the New York studio every day, and during the drive, he’d play me all sorts of stuff, like Steely Dan,” recalls Trey. “When it came time to learn about falsetto, he’d play me Prince. When it came time to learn about soul, he’d play me Motown.” Trey eventually became Taylor’s vocal production assistant. Working with other artists in the studio gave Trey invaluable technical experience, and prepared the young singer for his bright, not-too-distant future.

Trey’s rapidly burgeoning talent led to his inking with Atlantic Records, whose rich R&B history made it the ideal home for his unique blend of the classic and the contemporary. “I believe that Trey Songz is among the most promising R&B artists we have had on Atlantic since we started the company nearly sixty years ago,” said Atlantic Founding Chairman Ahmet Ertegun. “It has been our privilege to record such legendary performers as Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, and Otis Redding, and I believe that Trey is poised to be the heir of our great R&B legacy. He has the voice, the songs, the intelligence, the soul, and the charisma of a true star.”

While working on his debut album, Trey has also become much in-demand to work on outside projects. He has written and co-produced for Kevin Lyttle’s self-titled debut; sings solo on “About The Game,” from Coach Carter: Music From The Motion Picture; is featured on “Ain’t A Thug,” on Trick Daddy’s latest album, Thug Matrimony; and sings back-up on Gerald Levert’s “What Happened To The Lovin’” on his latest collection. Trey co-wrote and guests on a pair of tracks slated for Juvenile’s upcoming album. In addition, he is on tap to collaborate with the likes of Lil’ Kim, Trina, and Snoop Dogg on their forthcoming projects.

Most importantly, Trey has been busy perfecting his own soulful premiere, I Gotta Make It, an 11-entry diary about a young man and his fascinating dreams, loves, and hustles – a work of street and sweet sensibility produced mostly by Troy Taylor. From the inspirational first single (“Gotta Make It,” featuring Twista), to the realization that maybe you’re in love with the wrong person (“Cheat On You”), to the assertion that there’s no one else in the world for you (“Let’s Make Love Tonight”), the album has something for everybody. I Gotta Make It also features production from Organized Noise (“Coming For You”) and Warryn Campbell (“Ooo”).

At the same time, Trey’s alter ego, the “Prince of Virginia,” is maintaining his street cred by aggressively attacking the mixtape circuit. This route, normally used by rap artists, has made this R&B singer/songwriter a standout amongst his peers. By churning out mixtape buzzers like “You Can Get It” featuring T.I, “Dreams Freestyle,” and “Ghetto People” – his own spin on The Game’s “Dreams” and R. Kelly’s “Happy People” – he has the streets begging for more. “There’s so much on my mind that I can’t say on a regular R&B record,” confesses Trey. “So mixtapes are a great outlet to sing about some wild, crazy, stuff.”

With Trey Songz, there’s no doubt you’re getting the best of both worlds

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i love yu.... | Reviewer: sabi boo spartan | 8/8/14

ohhh. baby god knw i lovwe u so much lik seriously especially wen ur shirt is offf omg smile as i talk ohhhh my body is burning for u out of breath smile babe oh knw if i catch u i will rape u lik seriously for all weeek yow babe smh we need to meet i love u mwuhaaaaaaaaaaa ur sexy boy ohhhhhh........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Trey number1 fan | Reviewer: Vanessa ntuli | 5/2/14

Hi trey well i've got 2 c bt let me jst say i love u so much i tink of u every sec,i pray 4 u nd talk abt u i knw dis may sound insane but trust me dis z true love dat i hav 4 u trigga.ur music lift me up wen im down ur lyrics relates 2 ma lyf nd touches me deeply.its lyk i knwn u 4 eva trey god bless u may u keep on shining nd may u succeed in evry thng u do.fumble z ma fav sng.mcwah

Dear Mr Trey Songs | Reviewer: Yonela | 3/29/14

No 1 can be compared to you.And I'm your number 1 biggest fan ever acroos the world.With such an amazing voice,Wish u can come to South Africa're an inspiration.We love you Trey

Mr Hot. | Reviewer: Fredrick.W.M | 10/28/12

Oooh! Man how much u inspire me. I can't wait 2 c dis day. Your songz r so touching maintain it at the peak. Am a kenyan in university but i lov......e yhu so much yhu r ma mentor. Take time read thiz n giv me a word of hope.

Good Trey songz | Reviewer: Victoria | 4/23/12

Hi my name is victoria from (Abuja in Nigeria) i don't know what to say to u but am so excited to say this. Am ur bigest fan ever in this world am hoping that someday u will com to my country i know u performed last year in south africa i hope u come to nigeria am an upcoming female pop singer i ur songs all of them expecially can,t stop missing u i hope to sing with u Teramine i love ur mummy April Tuker somuch i pray God give u long life and guide u amen and amen my no

Trigggaa <33 | Reviewer: Selmaa | 12/13/11

OMG ! Tremaine Neverson aka Trey Songz is so effin cuute !:) -Scratch that, he's BEYOND cute ! I love all his songs; each one means something too me, they're all so cute or overall just have a great beat with meaningful lyrics that fit certain situations. We were all blessed with an angel with a amazing voice on November 28th 1984, we should all appreciate him & how he's living his life, & how he's actually doing something too help other's by the Angel's Foundation. Aah , Trey Songz your amazing ! looove yaah !

Dana -n- Trey Songz 4-eva | Reviewer: Dana a.k.a D-Baby | 12/7/11

Hey Trey Songz dis is Dana and im so obsessed wit you and i cant stop thinkin bout you i really love you and always will so it dont matter wat otha chicks say cuz tha way i feel me n you cant be friends we need to be more than just friends so dont worry bout them just know that im thinkin of you all day and every day and you should do the same i hate i couldnt make it to your concert in shreveport but i will make it to anotha one i love all of your songs every one you made dueces and blowing kisses night and day

I love you ,you is so sexy | Reviewer: shaekeria | 11/12/11

hi it shaekeria nelson i am only 12 years old and i listen to your music every day and i think you is so so so so sexy and you have good talented my talented is baseball you have a good body your abs look good keep it up the good work i love you i went to see you and person one day i know almost every thing about your birthday is November 28,1984 the only RnB that could get you and is R.KELLY i love you boo i live on sussex 15750 come see me booooooooooooo i love you bye

I love your songs | Reviewer: halima Usman | 7/31/11

my name is halima usman from Lagos, Nigeria.I'm your biggest fan ever,you're one in a million trey and I love your videos,your songs and especually your really are a good singer and God will always be with you as u sing your lovely songs. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!

To:trigga trey | Reviewer: Leah | 7/7/11

Trey sings you are the best r&b artist there is I went to see at universal in Orlando on July 2 that was the best day of my life I hope it will come around again I wish the best for you and I hope u keep doing what u do my favorite two songz r all the ifs in the world and from a woman's hand LOVE YOU BABY :)

TREYY SONGZZ :D | Reviewer: sammy :) | 5/23/11

trey songz is the best artist ever.! for my opinion he is. he's just soooooo fine and cute and everything. he has amazing music , he has an awesome voice. he can forreal sing. better then a lot of other people!!!!! trey keep your head up and stay with us! we love you and i know you know that(: ILOVEYOU!

From your military | Reviewer: breanna lindsey | 5/10/11

your an awesome artist if i had your courage i could be seriously i love how far you've grown how you went from braid's to grown and sexy nice transformation im loving it.......but i got to go the military never stops working you continue to do you and produce music i can rock my hips to

To Mr.Songz | Reviewer: Keaunna Watts | 4/29/11

heyyy , Tremaine Aldon Neverson i juss want to tell yhu that i really enjot all of songs& that yhu are one of my gretest role models. The song i lyke best is Love Faces , that song goes real hard ! Yhu are so handsom in every way to me , if yhu could jusss have an concert down here wea i stay that would juss be the greatest gift everr !!! UR THE BEST !!!!!

Neek NEEK | Reviewer: kimmonique | 4/29/11


You | Reviewer: Donna | 3/21/11

Hey Trey...I fell in love with the song 'kinda lovin' and it has a very special place in my heart. I am one of your Angels and i plan on going to as many concerts of yours as possible. My number one goal before i die is to meet you. Can't wait

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