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If Trevor Hall’s 2009 self-titled Vanguard Records debut
represented the young musician’s struggle with finding
himself, his follow-up, Everything Everytime Everywhere
(August 23rd) is a courageous affirmation that he has
become the man he had been seeking. The warm linearity of
his prior work gives way to a mature artist hitting his
stride, an image that persists throughout this body of
work, from the easy reggae slide of the opening “The
Return” and the anthemic “Brand New Day” straight through
to the momentous closing track, “The More...

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    ------ About the song Obsidian performed by Trevor Hall

Ohm in intervals ***should be*** Bow and arrows
Steadily we aim
Till all of the people
We shoot out of the frame

This is my tribe
All is inside
Mother speaking
The life that she buy ***should be*** The lion she ride

and then...

***I see constellations burning (burning, burning, burning)
All the worlds they are turning (turning, turning, turning)
But the music is my fortress (fortress, fortress, fortress)
See I heard it in a chorus (chorus, chorus, chorus)

***Goes between***

Skulls on our neck
Third eye go ablaze
Evil come 'round
Her sword she raise


Last night I saw a blazing stallion
Running through the fields of Babylon
His dark mane on fire
Singing of a spiritual empire

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