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Cocteau Twins Treasure hiding Lyrics

Last updated: 02/14/2011 10:00:00 AM

The lips 'n heart
Feel the flame
Feel the flame
With our love

The heart 'n soul
Illuminated (The lips, the heart)
Illuminated (Feel the flame, feel the flame)

Now I'm so cold (The heat's the soul)
Feel the fire (The lips, the heart)
Feel the fire (Feel the flame, feel the flame)
Feel the fire (The heart, the soul)

The lips, the heart
The heart, the soul

Conscience choosin' traps
Treasure hiding
Scared attempt, dross kill
Love of soul, I was trying
Deep without eyes
Down down and further tease
Collective injured spark
Fire hesant
No barely focus
Life places scars
Purify them
Purifies new skins
Plee sure uses fire
Lips spread the fire
Your heart

The lips, the heart
Feel the fire, feel the flame (Feel the flame, feel the flame)
The heart, the soul

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My favorite CT song (this month *smile*) | Reviewer: Matt Nastasi | 3/15/2006

"Treasure Hiding." What can I say? Delightfully subdued, swirling guitar, everslight lyrics wafting within and around the "seasick wall of sound," (to steal from Poppy Brite), "TH" builds to a climax that crashes wave after wave into my soul. I feel it in my gut, this song.

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