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Back in 1994 Travis were then called Glass Onion. These
were a pre-Dougie band with consisted of Fran, Andy, Neil
and two other guys that not many people know much about.
They were trying to make sweet music down in Glasgow's
"King Tut's Wah Wah Hut - the legendary Scottish venue that
Oasis were discovered in by Creation Record boss Alan McGee.

Glass Onion became Travis in the rehersal room above The
Horseshoe Bar in Glasgow where Neil once worked and Fran
and guitar tech Jonnie sneaked in after school, removing
their school ties More...

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Review about Travis songs
sing it all day and night | Reviewer: travis fan
    ------ About the song Where You Stand performed by Travis

such a sweet peaceful song from travis
the way fran sings it makes this song even more softer n more soothing
thank you travis for creating a tune i cant stop humming in a good way :)

Overwhelmed | Reviewer: ynanzc
    ------ About the song Driftwood performed by Travis

I just learned Travis songs recently through One Direction. Driftwood is one of my favorite. I play them everyday before i go to office including Side, Sing, Flowers in the Window and Closer. Thank you Louis and Harry. God Bless.

A_Song_About_Cancer | Reviewer: Tom
    ------ About the song The Humpty Dumpty Love Song performed by Travis

This song is about a man that loves cancer and wants it inside of him.

He's so sexually attracted to cancer, but it's in his testicles and he can never touch it or share the intimacy he desires with it.

He so desperately wants the cancer removed from him so he can share his feelings with it, but in doing so he is forced to separate himself from it by having an intervening third party literally cut it away from him.

Poor child.

Great Safety Message | Reviewer: Tom
    ------ About the song Safe performed by Travis

Safety is important.

I always tell my children to buckle up when we get in our car, and this song by Travis helps me understand why.

I believe that safety is incredibly important. This band gets it.

Some bands *don't* believe that safety is important. Those bands trash hotels, throw guitars, have sex with groupies, you know... fun.

It's important to note that when you have fun, you have aids.

Un desahogo escucharlá | Reviewer: Alberto
    ------ About the song Sing performed by Travis

Hola andréw and andrea... I've not have any death but i guess i feel da same. On the other hand that song helped me to feel better in this moment. Cuz i've have some problems with me and my family. I felt like a little mouse with out exit. Really listened this song i remembered those day when i used to be single when i used to be free with out any responsability
Those day when i used to be college student. I feel better thanks a lot travis... From mexico

one tree hill | Reviewer: F
    ------ About the song Re-Offender performed by Travis

I first heard this on OTH which i just started watching.
I grew up watching the OC so I kinda just stuck to that.
Now at 24, watching the show, hearing this song, it still makes me so bloody nostalgic.
Makes you reminisce.

Travis does that to you! Theyre a great band.
I love how their music touches you.

Drifting with a smile | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Driftwood performed by Travis

Mesmerising: agreed!
I just recently discovered Travis, strangely, I feel like I've known them for a long long time. Pretty deep band to me - even more so once I watched Paris,Texas (See wikipedia). I do think that you need to be "ready" to really get that movie. Perhaps, we've reached our shores :)

Andrew Cirner | Reviewer: Andrea
    ------ About the song Sing performed by Travis

Wow! Hi there Andrew, let me congratulate you for sharing your story with us.... I have not gone into that yet but I am afraid I will be like you when that happens... Actually, I don't even want to imagine it.
Anyway, you're right. Music and singing is at least for me, a very good way to vent and feel a little bit better when everything is going bad.
I also love this song because it makes me recall very funny and good episodes of my life when I had nothing to worry about :)

This song has deep meaning for me.... | Reviewer: Andrew Cirner
    ------ About the song Sing performed by Travis

This song serves as a testament to inner strength and courage. In 2005, I lost my mother to brain cancer, she was only 63 when she died in my arms six weeks after her diagnosis (an aggressive form of cancer called a glioblastoma).
She was my best friend, and her death nearly destroyed me. I could not seem to see life without her. I tried to escape into my work and would tell people, I am okay. I was not okay. In my sadness I turned to self-medicating to ease my pain, but eventually as all bad choices do, I hit bottom.
I remember crying and pleading to God to make the pain stop, to allow me to heal from this devastating hurt. I knew that what I was doing was self destructive and a path my mother would have never wanted to know her death contributed toward.
The first time I heard this song I sat on the floor of my shower as the water hit me and cried like it was a re-birth. That was over five years ago. Today, I am a law student and about to take my bar exam. I place flowers at my moms grave, I can now face the absence of her death, and in the process of my most private moments between god and myself, I smile up to heaven and say, "for the love you bring wont mean a thing, unless you sing, sing, sing, sing."

Review | Reviewer: dougle
    ------ About the song Closer performed by Travis

I loved the song (BEN STILLER!?) music video was perfect, it shows the time when you get to a point in your life when you realise it is all for nothing yet for everyting that is unimportant to you - the song and music video both show how simple life could be when we put in our true priorities first :)

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