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Travis Biography

Last updated: 06/27/2012 12:00:00 PM

Back in 1994 Travis were then called Glass Onion. These were a pre-Dougie band with consisted of Fran, Andy, Neil and two other guys that not many people know much about. They were trying to make sweet music down in Glasgow's "King Tut's Wah Wah Hut - the legendary Scottish venue that Oasis were discovered in by Creation Record boss Alan McGee.

Glass Onion became Travis in the rehersal room above The Horseshoe Bar in Glasgow where Neil once worked and Fran and guitar tech Jonnie sneaked in after school, removing their school ties trying to get served. Fran decided to sack the two "mysterious" members of the band and drafted in Dougie. Travis were now a four peice - Fran Healy on vocals and guitar, Dougie Payne on bass and backing vocals, Andy Dunlop on guitar and Neil Primrose on drums. Fran would be in the rehersal room from midday - 6pm and then the rest of the band would wonder in and they'd reherse until 11pm.

They got the rehersal room and electricty for free as Neil was more of a friend to the Horseshoe Bar owner Dave than a empolyee. Dave has now put up a plaque on the outside of the bar that says "Travis, UK number 1 album, 'The Man Who', August 1999. The band reshersed here for three years before signing to a major record company".

After being the first band to get arecord deal with Independiente in September 1996, and moving the 400 miles from Glasgow to London, the past three years of worked seemd to have been worth while. Travis were well on their way to super stardom.

Also in 1996, Travis got themselves a managed by Ian McAndrew and Tim Simeonon of 'Wildlife Management' and were the first rock bands on their books.

The band's first proper single was 'U16 Girls' (after releasing 'All I Wanna Do Is Rock' on thier own record label 'Red Telephone' which was limited to 750 copies).

They gained a famous fan called Noel Gallagher (You may have heard of him) and were invited to support them on tour on his request, as well as supporting Cast and Catationa.

The band's debut album 'Good Feeling' was released in 1997 which as well as containing 'UI6 Girls', included future hit singles like 'All I Wanna Do Is Rock', 'Happy', 'Tired Of The 90's' and 'More Than Us'. It was recorded in New York with producer Steve Lilywhite and was given great critical aclaim by the British media (which almost never happens!) and were nominated for a Best Newcomer Brit Award in 1998, which sadly wasn't to be theirs.

The band hid away for a year and came back with the excellent 'The Man Who' in May 1999. This was to bring the singles 'Writing To Reach You', 'Driftwood', 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me?' and 'Turn' which all reached top 20 status.

Even though the 1998 Brit Awards were a little disappointing, the 2000 Brit Awards were to be a different story. Travis came away with Best Group and Best Album for 'The Man Who'. Also this year, Fran won a prestigious song writing award, an Ivor Novello.

Travis have written their third album already and will start recording it in October 2000 for an early 2001 release. It is currently of the working title 'Afterglow'.