Traveling Wilburys Lyrics

The Traveling Wilburys were formed in 1988 and consisted of
5 members:

Bob Dylan -Lucky Wilbury (Boo Wilbury),
Jeff Lynne - Otis Wilbury (Clayton Wilbury),
Tom Petty - Charlie T. Jr.(Muddy Wilbury),
Roy Orbison- Lefty Wilbury,
George Harrison - Nelson Wilbury (Spike Wilbury)

They were the first of the 'Super' groups combining stars
of the musical world, and genuine friends,who had each
achieved fame with their own musical talents. The Traveling
Wilburys began after George's comeback album; 'Cloud Nine'
was completed, George had to More...

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Submit Traveling Wilburys New Lyrics

Reviews about Traveling Wilburys songs

A Masterpiece | Reviewer: Asher from MS
    ------ About the song Inside Out performed by Traveling Wilburys

Nearly every song on the Traveling Wilbury's two albums are masterpieces really. But this one sticks out (along with a few others). I love the humor in the song (Bob constantly tells them to look out certain household apertures and associates what they see with the color yellow). It also has a well played-out structure. The bridge is one of the most beautiful I've ever heard, and George Harrison's voice only makes it that much better. That's all I can say that stands out among the other songs. Everyone is brilliant even if it's just because these four musicians (five for the first album with the late great Roy Orbison) wrote and performed these songs.

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