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Phil Collins Trashin' the Camp (Phil and 'N Sync Version) Lyrics

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Zabwe dap dooby doo Zap a da dee dop zwe bop, Zwee Dap Zee Doo.
Zabwe dap zooby dooby do zee zap dee doo,

This is repeated 5 or 6 times
The last 2 lines after that are

Zooby zoo Zabby zob zwee dap zwee
Zwe Dap zwe doo,
Zabwe dap sooby doo dapa swee wab zee doo da ba doo dz ba da ba doo Zwe Dap Zwe

Thanks to Lindsay Ellis for submitting Trashin' the Camp (Phil and 'N Sync Version) Lyrics.

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HORRIBLE | Reviewer: svrunner | 5/26/2007

these lyrics are all wrong. i sang this song in my jr. high choir and it is very different. plz listestn to this song bc the lyrics are wayyyy wrong. that is a fact....

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