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Eleanor McEvoy Trapped Inside Lyrics

Last updated: 05/15/2001 11:12:32 PM

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(Eleanor McEvoy)

The black and white
Is clear to see
It’s shades of grey
Are puzzling me
Shades of feeling like
My body’s buried deep,
Half asleep, half asleep.

It’s a very deep hole,
With very steep sides,
I can’t climb out
I’m trapped inside
It’s a very deep hole,
With very steep sides
I can’t climb out
Lord knows I’ve tried,
But I’m trapped inside
You know I’ve tried,
But I’m trapped inside.

What is it with me,
I make no sense
Why is it
I talk in future tense.
When I’m s’posed to sing
My voice it goes to shout
"Can’t break out, I can’t break out".


All my climbing up has me nowhere,
All of this can get too much to bear
All I’m tryin’ to do is mend this beat up heart
That’s a start, that’s a start.

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