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Training For Utopia Biography

Last updated: 09/02/2003 04:30:07 AM

Name: Training for Utopia

Home: California

Members: Ryan Clark - vocals, guitars
Don Clark - guitars, vocals
Steve Saxby - bass
Morley Boyer - drums

Albums: The Falling Cycle EP (1997)
Plastic Soul Impalement (1997)
The Split EP (1998)
Throwing a Wrench into the American Music Machine (2000)

Genres: Training for Utopia has been described as having the following
elements in their music ...

hardcore, metal, electronica, controlled chaos, noise

Similarities: As much as any band hates being compared to and label by
another band, to give you a rough, rough idea ...

Mudvayne, Slayer, Poison the Well, Zao, Hatebreed