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Dierks Bentley Train Travelin' Lyrics

Last updated: 08/06/2003 02:07:06 AM

Everytime I hear the lonesome whistle whine
From a lonesome locomotive, comin down the line
It carries me back to another place in time
When train travelin across the land was the only way to fly

Am I a fool to think it glamorous
Box-Carring like a hobo, it must have been rough
But a simple way of life is what it really means to me
When we weren't so dependent on money to be free

I hear you train, are you travelin my way
Won't you let me ride your rails right back to yesterday
Who knows what I could see from that ole time machine
But there you go again train travelin, There you go again train travelin

I'm lying on a rotten wooden floor
Smell yesterday's whiskey here rattlin' at the door
A railroad man lookin' for me, I'm scared as I can be
I open my eyes and realize it's just another dream

Repeat Chorus twice

But there you go again train travelin
There you go again train travelin