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Durag Dynasty Trailer Mix Lyrics

Last updated: 03/31/2013 03:03:50 AM

Wheel of these tarts, melodic art, dots counterpart sharp
Fancy footwork, folic with funyon farts
Fried locks now, Kodak yo Kojak crap
Cup spilleth over cognac rap
Slur pimpish, twistin around the cracket princess from a distance
Alchemy reach for my existence
Scientific tantra, blow er tantrum and she blowin cancer
Only blow on this dick, I’m Jojo Danza
Survivor prior, higher sire in the flyer tier
I desire something foreign, call it apple cider
Radiation botanics, chronic seize planet
Aviation mechanics, I keep it fly granted
Imported Reboko, leather mocasins
Toast on account of this dough, Johnny Cochran’s
Mouth piece talk a nigga out a roadster
Got brakes, she couldn’t throw a pea in the ocean

Now that’s a verb, vertical circles slinging reversible
Purposeful, all merciful, turn surgical cervical
Pussycat, convertible top, turning my murderful telegraphic returnable
Death, sinister son of all
All it took was the nerve of your call,
Niggas is Colonel Kentucky Fried, disco inferno, seizing the cervical
But the eye, Benz rims, refined stock and shocky rims
Barking hymns, black Moses gunning at yo camera lens
Frostbit criminal sparkle, butane flame of charcoal
Live at the barbecue, Christian brothers
The dog gone far from awful
To the fullest intensity, bullets propensity
Aiming for the down on my density, strike unconventionally
With infamy, boticity die along differently
Some metals kissin me and that was to short-circuit my memory
History tells me I pray to the stars’ moon
He’s a man full of elements, swob him with dog diagram

My flow water like the aqueduct
See a lot of rappers coming up but half of em suck
Stretchin weed like laffy taffy
I’m like big went from ashy to classy
Just pass me the Dolce, I’mma burn er back, wood down to a roch leaf
Careful how you approach me
Might pull the wool over yo sheep like Bo Peep
Creep like the ripper dude
Fill in in the play, teachin yall how to substitute
Fuckin with the class clown
Always doing stupid shit, sit yo monkey ass down
Homeboy, you embarassin us
Diamond digger, Donoghue on the cuff
Diamond in the rough, plus my nails buff like puff
You ain’t heard of us tough, you was out of touch

It’s out of line wolf, remote control you on the knowledge of 99-al
Now pop my bottle with marijuana and solve my problems
Your journal is paranormal, nothing is formal
These degrees as black Jesus in a pair of Jordans
Rewind this, as I draw you up on to find this
Durag Dynasty clique
Block celly pop, belly boy, gazelly frame, difficult thought
Bars the block star of Beverly Hills king
Flip screen, machine gun gang
16’s for the criminal arrange
Middle love or war, mean with a gauge
Hack a brain shit, chemical balance
Kurt Cobain spit, icecream, banana clip, examinating, handle his
Dealin straight dope front of the camera lens
Distribution is blown from home team advantages
My narrative’s got me booked and counting hid asparagus
This the difference between the full course and trailer mix