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Poison Tragically Unhip Lyrics

Last updated: 03/14/2000 11:19:58 PM

I'm uneducated
My clothes outdated
I don't stand politically correct

I still hate small talk
Dig fast cars and hard rock
Still like talkin' about sex, sex, sex

I should be expressing
All my inner repression
I guess depression's now a cultural thing

My record company says
Blow my brains out my head
I'll make the cover of every magazine

Step inside my nightmare
Welcome to my trip
I cannot pretend and I will not defend
Why this good old boy's so tragically unhip

I still like bad girls
Who rock me hard in my world
It's monkey see then monkey do
Well I'm not yours

I got an old waterbed
I like to trip into the dead
Keep a poster of KISS on my wall

I still curse, smoke, drink and toke
Makin' love in the back of my car


I like that home grown
Mind blowing
You bring it
I'll roll it

They see strange talking
Mind stopping
Asses swinging
Street walking

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