Tragically Hip Lyrics

The Band Members include
Johnny Fay - Drums

Gord Sinclair - Bass
Paul Langlois - Guitar
Rob Baker - Lead Guitar
Gordon Downie - Vocals

Here is a little bit of Hip History
Before the band started Gord Downie and Rob Baker were best
friends and lived right next to each other. They went to
school in Kingstin Ontairo Canada and met the other band
members. They formed the band in 1984. Their first album
was realsed in 1987. The bands name comes from a movie.
They were watching a movie called "Elephant Parts" and a
small part in the movie More...

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Submit Tragically Hip New Lyrics

Review about Tragically Hip songs
what a great way to start the day | Reviewer: Wendy
    ------ About the song Bobcaygeon performed by Tragically Hip

Wow...never had the pleasure of seeing the hip but I have been a long time fan (one of the 1st CDs ever purchased which was coincidentally borrowed by one of my sons! ). Its been a while since I listened to their fabulous music and low and behold (woke up this morning just a little after nine) flicked on the tube and had the pleasure of seeing the recorded Bobcaygeon concert. Wow ...just reconnected with everything that matters in your music does that to me. thank you hip for being so damn great !!! love you guys ...awesome.

bobcaygeon | Reviewer: billy rosenthal
    ------ About the song Bobcaygeon performed by Tragically Hip

I is just so sad they did not play this in the US it probably would have been in the top ten if not number one thanks again to the trailer park boys, they could spelled it bobcajun LOL billy in new Orleans, La

No Threat | Reviewer: Kees
    ------ About the song No Threat performed by Tragically Hip

I think this is just a simple post-modern kinda story about Gord being startled by a window cleaner outside his hotel room, and the guy saying "Settle down, dude. I'm a Beatles fan. I'm no threat." Gord must have been thinking this guy has seen a lot of shocking things and holds a lot of secrets. Now- "sevens at yer side." That one evades me! Maybe there was a deck of cards in the bed?

Mark Chapman | Reviewer: Tallulah Baron
    ------ About the song No Threat performed by Tragically Hip

I wondered what these lyrics might be about until I heard the last line, "I'm a Beatles fan." Then it occurred to me that this song must be about Mark Chapman, murderer of John Lennon.

song meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song No Threat performed by Tragically Hip

o-kaay other song meaning reviewer! good poetry has deep multifaceted meanings. I figure a "window-washer's eye" is a critical eye looking for dirt. socially that is unpopular and not received well, thus: "No Threat...."
and also not recieved well by women either "moreso how will she know if he's helping" okay.. so "clearing spider webs is helpful"
"resting your arms at sevens at your sides" Like with your hands raised pointing when you holds pistols??? No threat...
He likes Beatles songs??????

I had something interesting to say | Reviewer: Iwish
    ------ About the song Grace, Too performed by Tragically Hip

The first review is wrong.

It just is.

Although I smirked appreciatively at the "don't read to much into it" title.

What is your agenda anonymous? Are you trying to deny the power of the song? Are you a fan of the group? Are you just being nasty and cynical?


The yelling at the end remind me of how impotent I feel within my social group. It's a great song to listen to drunk and on the peripheral of the center of attention and yell along to these parts. Especially if you can sing and are a performer. Especially if you are the biggest and most physically dominant member of said group. Yell Along Children, yell along!

Him? Here? (heaven forbid) Now?


escape is at hand for the travelling man: deciphered! | Reviewer: Autumn
    ------ About the song Escape Is at Hand for the Travellin' Man performed by Tragically Hip

To me, this song is about a man who has feelings for a woman and she basically welcomes bootycalls, he goes to see her with intent to pursue her and probably more; but she is gone. If u link all of the lyrics together the meaning is quite clear. The title is an indicative idiom of the meaning of this song, he is a travelling man and it is hard to have a relationship so it was 'at hand' otherwise, convenient in terms of his 'escape' from having anything more than a sexual relationship. U can tell he had feelings for her though, in the line "she yelled in my ear this music speaks to me" u can totally tell he is intrigued by her passion for music. Also he says 'our' heartbeat like the 2 of them are linked in a way; and that way, is the emotional connection he felt. Another thing i must add is, although he says those are song titles of the band, they are elements of events of the same circumstances; when he says 'those melodies come back to me at times beyond our heartbeat' in basic terms it means that it isn't the first time he was 'too slow' and missed out.
Now another point I'd like to add is, although it is travelling man, it isn't particularly literal; it could mean he is just not ready to settle down or isn't emotionally available.

The hip strongly convey their passion and true feelings through their music, it is obvious the songs are much deeper than just clever, intricatly woven lyrics. This music truely speaks to me ;)
If u have any questions or want a song deciphered email me!

It Was in Bobcaygeon | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bobcaygeon performed by Tragically Hip

I was soooo fortunate to be able to see the Tragically Hip in Bobcygeon, June 25, 2011. I t was my daughter's first Hip concert and she now loves them as much as I do. The conert was epic!!! the guys were bang on, we wee front row center and it was teh best 2 1/2 hours of my life!! Long Live the Hip!!!!!!!

Thank you | Reviewer: Brianna
    ------ About the song Bobcaygeon performed by Tragically Hip

I visit bobcaygeon,ontario every year from toronto.I absolutly love it there.Its where I blong,ya know.Well 2 years ago we were @ the bobcaygeon inn restaurant and heard this song.We have heard it before and loved it I found it ironic we were listening to a song bout someone travelling to and from bobcaygeon and toronto and @ the moment we were in bobcaygeon listening to a song called bobcaygeon,I love it there!!!

More on what it means... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Locked in the Trunk of a Car performed by Tragically Hip

Just in addition to the notes made by "anon" re this song being about a mobster...

I believe that the song is actually about the kidnapping and murder of a government official (Pierre Laporte) during the "October Crisis"...

Laporte's body was found "locked in the trunk of a car" just outside of Montreal.

The Hip put a lot more into their songs than we might realize...

I think a very compelling case could be made for a high school canadian history curriculum consisting of TTH body of work...

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