Tragically Hip Albums

  • And Now For Plan A Album (10/2/2012)
    At Transformation
    Man Machine Poem
    The Lookahead
    We Want To Be It
    Streets Ahead
    Now For Plan A
    The Modern Spirit
    About This Map
    Take Forever
    Done And Done
    Goodnight Attawapiskat

  • We Are The Same Album (4/7/2009)
    Morning Moon
    Honey, Please
    The Last Recluse
    Coffee Girl
    Now The Struggle Has A Name
    The Depression Suite
    The Exact Feeling
    Queen Of The Furrows
    Speed River
    Frozen In My Tracks
    Love Is A First
    Country Day
    Bonus Tracks
    Skeleton Park

  • World Container Album (10/17/2006)
    Yer Not The Ocean
    The Lonely End Of The Rink
    In View
    The Kids Don't Get It
    Last Night I Dreamed You Didn't Love Me
    The Drop-Off
    Family Band
    World Container

  • In Between Evolution Album (6/29/2004)
    Heaven Is a Better Place Today
    Summer's Killing Us
    Gus: The Polar Bear from Central Park
    Vaccination Scar
    It Can't Be Nashville Every Night
    If New Orleans Is Beat
    You're Everywhere
    As Makeshift as We Are
    Mean Streak
    The Heart of the Melt
    One Night in Copenhagen
    Are We Family
    Goodnight Josephine

  • In Violet Light Album (6/11/2002)
  • Music @ Work Album (6/6/2000)
  • Phantom Power Album (7/14/1998)
  • The Live Between Us Album (12/1/1997)
  • Trouble at the Henhouse Album (6/1/1996)
  • Day for Night Album (12/1/1995)
  • Fully Completely Album (12/1/1993)
  • Road Apples Album (12/1/1991)
  • Up to Here Album (12/1/1989)
  • The Tragically Hip Album (12/1/1987)

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