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Tragically Hip Biography

Last updated: 06/09/2013 04:09:05 PM

The Band Members include
Johnny Fay - Drums

Gord Sinclair - Bass
Paul Langlois - Guitar
Rob Baker - Lead Guitar
Gordon Downie - Vocals

Here is a little bit of Hip History
Before the band started Gord Downie and Rob Baker were best friends and lived right next to each other. They went to school in Kingstin Ontairo Canada and met the other band members. They formed the band in 1984. Their first album was realsed in 1987. The bands name comes from a movie. They were watching a movie called "Elephant Parts" and a small part in the movie people were asking for donations to a foundation called The Tragically Hip.

The Tragically Hip have won 10 Juno Awards

Most Promising Band of the Year

Canadian Entertainer of the Year

Canadian Entertainer of the Year

Entertainer of the Year
Group of the Year

Album of the Year
Group of the Year
North Star Album of the Year

Best Rock Album
Best Album Design