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Heavy Heavy Low Low Tragic Tragic Track Jacket Lyrics

Last updated: 12/14/2007 10:00:00 AM

it was faulty foundation said the weeping eyes the architecture bends under pressure the architecture broke over lies they said its just a trend just a trend they said its just a phase just a phase (its the utter realism of the above stated facts that hit windows like a train and faces like an axe in the time it took to pick up the phone your cover is blown) they were right now every person in this place will give their fucking lives (over its over your gone) i am a burning building bringing everyone inside to the ground in the time it takes to make things right we’ll make new memories this feeling will have passed i’ll have said goodbye you’ll have gone and went i’ll have turned my back on the only meaning in my past what destroys me will have saved my life we are gone i am a burning building bringing everyone inside to the ground

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whoa. | Reviewer: ashleyx[HHLL] | 12/14/2007

i am totally blown away by this song... normally its good hhll screams and suffering sounds,
but this time, the instruments
and the lyrics, as always,
are emotional... love it.

this song is amazing... | Reviewer: Tyler[RotM] | 10/23/2007

i love this is very powerful...i didnt get to c u guys play it when i saw u guys the last time....but i sawe the rest of the set and it was bad ass

your masquerade performance | Reviewer: Michael | 3/25/2007

dude you guys rocked at the fucking masquerade... yall got the crowd so amped up cos nobody was doing anything.... just standing there until yall came on... then it was a total massacre..... thanks for an amazing live show you have now turned me into a lifelong fan!!!!

Hella Bad | Reviewer: Christian | 2/11/2007

this song is awesome i love hhll
they are one of the best bands i
have ever heard