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This multi-talented West Midlands group gained
international success in the late 1960s and early 1970s,
particularly in the USA where as a three piece they
attracted a huge following. In Britain, they are remembered
mostly for some memorable and ground-breaking singles and
albums that scored high chart placings.

Traffic was formed when Steve Winwood, who was the focal
point of the Spencer Davis Group decided to move beyond the
restrictions of the group and form a band with three other
Birmingham area musicians. Jim Capaldi had formed More...

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Review about Traffic songs
Ella | Reviewer: Colin
    ------ About the song Dear Mr. Fantasy performed by Traffic

Anyone who tries to bring something like that into this song is completely lost.

As a "republican" who agrees with the second amendment, i wish you nothing but peace and love.

And, good luck with your whole vilifying people who don't agree with you thing. I'm sure it will work out well for you.

Stop attaching Obama to such a great song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Dear Mr. Fantasy performed by Traffic

Poor ella, you would have to take a wonderful song and attach Obama in your review. I hope you are one of the 4.9 million that lost your insurance. I guess that would be that slacker Bush's fault not your lying Obama.

Oh!...So that's what he said. | Reviewer: Guy Wire
    ------ About the song Freedom Rider performed by Traffic

I have been listening to this song for years with only the slightest clue as to what all the lyrics are. Now that I have read them, I have no clue what they might mean. At any rate, it is a fabulous song: great playing, soulful singing, real feeling. The lyrics have a great sound even if they don't mean anything.

Never Grows Old | Reviewer: JanieD
    ------ About the song Dear Mr. Fantasy performed by Traffic

Watched a retrospective about Steve Winwood's career on BBC4 last week and fell in love again with his voice. Although I enjoyed his Spencer Davis days, I loved Traffic, Blind Faith and his later work. Dear Mr Fantasy is an excellent track and has aged well.

just a song | Reviewer: Gracy
    ------ About the song Dear Mr. Fantasy performed by Traffic

this track i heard recently, as im a digger for old rock n rol music, so i liked it...and i dnt understand why to bring drugs or politics....songs are made for all, who finds something for their soul in it they listen to the i think no point in relating songs to argumental topics,like religion or politics, remember, these two themes always lead to War, and war, what is it good for, absolutly nothing....Remember this song...??
Good Luck for All.

Obama is as cool as this song | Reviewer: ella
    ------ About the song Dear Mr. Fantasy performed by Traffic

I love Mr. Fantasy. I also love the fact that President Obama was reelected and our economy is doing much better, no matter how much you racist, gun loving goons deny it.
Bush was the Definition of idiotic slacker as are all Republicans.

Passionately played | Reviewer: Ron
    ------ About the song Dear Mr. Fantasy performed by Traffic

Always loved this song. Saw Steve last month. This was the second song of his encore. He can absolutely shred the guitar, plays with soul and feeling. To hear this live was in worth the price of admission.

Drifting back to spring forward | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Dear Mr. Fantasy performed by Traffic

Great song! Saw steve winwood concert last week and song was one of the highlights of the concert. 40 yrs later, the resonance that the song provides is still strong. Many at show were in their 60's and commented about how it took everyone bak in time. Music of the era was quite powerful and had many messages that are unifying.

kids | Reviewer: misterbill
    ------ About the song Dear Mr. Fantasy performed by Traffic

I drive sports charters for a high school, it seems the kids like to sing songs that are from my generation. I'm thinking about going back to playing open mikes-thought I would sing the songs that were always played whenever a rock band had a concert, to educate kids of the music of my day. That would be, 'Dear Mr Fantasy', 'A lighter Shade of Pale', and Sunshine of Your Love'. Not sure I could pull off Sunshine of Your Love, but I used to play Dear Mr Fantasy quite well. It is amazing that I can remember how to play songs that I knew in high school ('72), I have an awful time remembering songs now. I've reverted to using a music stand, which for open mikes no one seems to care.

By the way-thank you I could never understand the last line of this song!

Every Mothers Son | Reviewer: Mike G
    ------ About the song Every Mothers Son performed by Traffic

The beauty of this song is that you get instantly swept away by the melody - the instruments are so powerfully coordinated that you fall in love with it before you can figure out the lyrics!!

Thanks for finally bringing this great song all together for me as I continue to enjoy this great Traffic album!!

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