Trae Albums

  • All-Star 2013: Take Flight Album (2/15/2013)
    Intro (All Star 2013)
    I'm Screwed Up
    Pour It Up (Remix)
    Bugatti (Remix)
    Interlude 1
    Cee Lo
    Check This Dig That
    Interlude 2
    High & Fly
    Karate (Remix)
    Own Drugs
    Traffic (Remix)
    Interlude 3
    Millions (Remix)
    Nobody Knows
    Round Da Corner
    Interlude 4
    Started From The Bottom (Remix)
    Box Chevy (Remix)
    All Gold Everything (Remix)
    Interlude 5
    Plates Say Texas
    Outro (All Star 2013)

  • Tha Blackprint Album (8/30/2012)
    Sick Of This Shit
    Choppa Talk
    No Lie
    I Do This
    Don't Like
    Bitch I'm From Texas
    Interlude T.I. Speaks
    Tell Me That I Can't
    Remember The Rain
    Fucked Up World
    Sick Of Being Broke
    I Got 'em
    Fighting Words
    I Run This City
    County Jail
    Gutta Chick
    I'm On 2.0

  • Street King Album (7/12/2011)
    Strapped Up
    Woke Up This Morning
    Inkredible (Remix)
    Getting Paid
    I Am the Streets
    Keep on Rollin'
    That's Not Luv
    Goes Out
    Slum Religion
    Not My Time
    Hood Shit
    I'm Fly
    Street King
    It’s All I Know
    I'm Gone Bus
    Just Don’t Get It
    I'm On

  • Later Dayz Album (1/13/2009)
    I Can Feel It
    The Other Side
    Just A Week Ago
    Matter Of Time
    Stay Fly
    From The South (ABN Remix)
    All Hood
    All Alone

  • Life Goes On Album (10/23/2007)
  • Tha Truth Show Album (7/1/2007)
  • Restless Album (6/27/2006)
  • Drama Album (3/7/2006)
  • Same Thing Different Day Album (7/6/2004)
  • Losing Composure Album (9/9/2003)

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