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Grammy winning singer-songwriter Tracy Chapman returns to
the recording fold with a new album that's as notable for
its soulful hearthside vibes as for its deep-felt songs.
Co-produced by Chapman and celebrated sound engineer and
mixer Tchad Blake (Los Lobos, Peter Gabriel, Pearl Jam, Tom
Waits, Bonnie Raitt, Elvis Costello, Richard Thompson),
Where You Live was recorded at an improvised San Francisco
rehearsal space-turned-studio that inspired the singer and
her accompanists to stretch out both musically and
spiritually. The result More...

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Submit Tracy Chapman New Lyrics

Review about Tracy Chapman songs
devil song | Reviewer: Med Ali
    ------ About the song Bang Bang Bang performed by Tracy Chapman

u give the boy a gun and that makes him feel mighty and strong! Now there ain't place to run to! Indeed: there is no paradise, because the evil will take the control.
One day he may come back Repay us for what we've don:yes this day will be the day of judgment the day that Allah will take the revenge to all opressed...
its satanic song that give us a deep look to the truth, this life is like a dream and goes so fast we should raise our eyes to read and see the truth that one god create us and make all what we need,he wanted to see humanity and justice till the day that we will be all in his hands, the hell and the paradise will be the awards... we are all human and we need to love each other, kick out the evil and never hear to devil and his suggest, he is the big ennemie of humanity! May God guide us all to the truth..

spectaqular | Reviewer: maie agbana
    ------ About the song Baby Can I Hold You performed by Tracy Chapman

i am 26 years old this is the first song for Chapman I heard my boyfriend love her and we always hear this song together i missed him and i love this amazing spectacular outstanding song

Deep Pleading Urgency | Reviewer: DEEP SEE
    ------ About the song You're The One performed by Tracy Chapman

One of my top ten songs ever! I love the range of the lyrics, the understanding and faith of the singer in her lover and the fact that the music itself sounds like a plea. Listen. I love him. I won't back down. Dramatic. Strong desperation. Then it is balanced in the same music with the beauty of positive characteristics, of the things she sees and loves in her lover.

wow! | Reviewer: magnus
    ------ About the song Behind The Wall performed by Tracy Chapman

I will always admire and love Tracey Chapman for having the courage and integrity to pen this song! I remember the first time I ever heard it all those years ago, it still chills me to the bone! Amazing lady!

prevent GBV | Reviewer: lydia
    ------ About the song Behind The Wall performed by Tracy Chapman

i luv this track it is so intouch wt reminds me of acyivism against gender based violence themed "prevent violence against women"
n'this song's a perfect wake up cal lets nt tak violence lightly it nids to b stoped

love dat ll last long | Reviewer: genedrizzy
    ------ About the song The Promise performed by Tracy Chapman

on my first hearing dis song,I copied all d lyrics and write dem to my gf been she saw and chanted it to herself d love she had for me was rededicated though in my absent...I call dis a bomb and is d best 4 any couple...
tnx Tracey champ man u are d best

my redeemer | Reviewer: A.Zulu
    ------ About the song At This Point In My Life performed by Tracy Chapman

Ah Tracy either than God thr is no other lyk u,I find peace,love n happiness in my soul when I get to listen to ur music."The promise" song is mysoul soother I never go a day without listening to it n yet again "a point in mylife" relates to me n my life's journey 'I've conquered hills but still hv mountains to climb' oh how joyful I am to have u in my life even though I dnt knw u in person. I just want to express my gratitude n keep on embracing me (us) with ur music!P.S A.Zulu!

A couple of forevers | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Promise performed by Tracy Chapman

I remember my first time hearing this song was on my 22nd birthday. My boyfriend of 4 years had presented me with a promise ring that afternoon, and he played it all nyt ,promising me a 'couple of forevers'. We in a long distance relationship because of his work for the SA Navy, but together I believe we will find each others way bk into each others arms *tearyeyes*

distance is a true test to see how far love can travel | Reviewer: johannes sweetjoes
    ------ About the song The Promise performed by Tracy Chapman

this song motivates me to hold on to what i have in hand,i've a long distance relationship with my gf but due to this song am holdin on to her and i promised myself that i'll persist to see us overcoming all the challenges,while listenin to this song(the promise) it gives me strength to see my gf as my future wife.thnx to tracy for this song

THIS SONG IS REALLY DEEP | Reviewer: Mabel Kamassah
    ------ About the song Bang Bang Bang performed by Tracy Chapman

I believe we all have some lessons to pick in this song. We need to be mindfull of our actions during our years of immaturity for there comes maturity with a vengeance.
They don't make music like this no more. Sex, Money and drugs sell faster than deep mature reasoning and thoughts.
Our brains have been hardwired to ignore good and welcome evil, the entire system in which i even grew up in is corrupt. We can't go back and undo it but at least we have musicians like Tracy and a few others to give us a wake up call.
The time to act is NOW.
If you understand this song like i do, we can start by making change for the better of mankind including our very own generation to come.

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