Trace Adkins Albums

  • Love Will... Album (5/14/2013)
    When I Stop Loving You
    So What If I Do
    Come See Me
    Right Now
    Every One Of You
    The Altar Of Your Love
    Kiss You All Over
    If The Sun Comes Up
    Say No To A Woman
    Watch The World End
    Love Will

  • Proud To Be Here Album (8/2/2011)
    Proud To Be Here
    Million Dollar View
    Days Like This
    That's What You Get
    Just Fishin'
    Damn You Bubba
    Love Buzz
    It's Who You Know
    Poor Folks
    Always Gonna Be That Way
    It's A Woman Thing
    More Of Us
    If I Was A Woman
    Semper Fi

  • Cowboy's Back In Town Album (8/17/2010)
    Brown Chicken, Brown Cow
    Hold My Beer
    Cowboy's Back In Town
    This Ain't No Love Song
    Hell, I Can Do That
    A Little Bit Of Missin' You
    Still Love You
    Don't Mind If I Don't
    Break Her Fall
    Whoop A Man's Ass
    Between The Rainbows And The Rain
    Hillbilly Bone

  • X Album (11/24/2008)
    Happy To Be Here
    All I Ask For Anymore
    Let'S Do That Again
    Hauling One Thing
    Better Than I Thought
    It'd Be
    Marry For Money
    Til The Last Shot'S Fired
    I Can't Outrun You
    Hillbilly Rich
    Sometimes A Man Takes A Drink
    Muddy Water

  • American Man: Greatest Hits Vol. II Album (12/4/2007)
  • Dangerous Man Album (8/15/2006)
  • Songs About Me Album (3/1/2005)
  • Chrome Album (10/9/2001)
  • More... Album (11/2/1999)
  • It's About Time Album (11/2/1999)
  • Big Time Album (10/21/1997)
  • Dreamin' Out Loud Album (6/25/1996)

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    Feeling Something | Reviewer: Paula Dove
        ------ About the album American Man: Greatest Hits Vol. II performed by Trace Adkins

    Just like the lyrics in "I Wanna Feel Something' I got so sick and tired of commuter radio. OctoMom, Obama parts the pacific ocean, the country's still broke, and Gas is rising again. So I bought myself a little vacation in Trace. It was good to just let you sing my thoughts so I could take a vacation from them and just enjoy the ride home to my beautiful man!

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