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I wonder if you feel the same way I do I can see it in
your eyes I entice you So come on shorty if you think you
can roll, with an iced-out playa ballin’ outta control.

--“I Do”

There is something alluring about an artist, who, on the
verge of superstardom, approaches life as humbly as the
next person. Add dazzling looks and a captivating voice,
and your eyes and ears bounce and shake in unison. Which
is exactly what Arista’s newly signed artist TOYA does to a
person: she uses the dance floor as a canvas, and her voice
anyone More...

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Reviews about Toya songs

MOVING ON.. easy to say hard to do.. | Reviewer: jhemz
    ------ About the song Moving On performed by Toya

this song is one of the best song i ever heard.. it really explains how hard it is to move on while you're deeply inlove w/ someone.. this song is for real.. i think the one composed this song was really having a hard time moving on.. same as mine.. but I guess, she/he was really determined to forget the hurts love has given her/him.. yeah, its really painful.. but as what the song says, u've got to move on.. i can relate to this song bcoz i once had my heart broken.. & i find it hard to move on.. as long as i have that someone here in my heart,, i will not be able to love someone else new... =(

Great song!!!! | Reviewer: Chrystal
    ------ About the song Moving On performed by Toya

This song is great! I can really relate to all of this. This song goes DEEP for real. I f anyone has ever been in love and they lose that person, they find it hard to move on and love someone new. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!

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