Toy Dolls Albums

  • Anniversary Anthems Album (4/16/2000)
    Anniversary Waltz
    My Baby Is A Battleaxe
    Her With A Hoover
    Alec's Back
    Audrey's Alone At Least
    Charlie's Watching
    I Wish My Eyes Were Ernies
    Livin' On Newton Hall
    What She Had With Huey
    I've Had Enough O'Magaluf
    Livin La Vida Loca
    We're 21 Today

  • One More Megabyte Album (4/16/1997)
    One More Megabyte
    I'm A Lonely Bastard
    She's A Leech
    She'll Be Back With Keith Someday
    I'm Gonna Be 500 Miles
    Bachelor Boy/When Gary Married Melanie
    Fred Oliver
    In Tommy's Head
    Bored Housewife
    The Memory Of Nobby
    The Devil Went Down To Georgia (Scunthorpe)

  • Orcastrated Album (4/16/1995)
    Poltergeist In The Pantry
    Please Release Me / "Darling I Loathe You"
    Taken For A Mug
    Any Dream Will Do
    Harry's Hands
    David's XR2
    Pot Luck Percy
    Ivy's Lurid Lips
    The Psychosurgery
    Ron Dixon Dumped D-D
    Lazy Sunday Afternoon
    Bowling Barmy

  • Absurd-Ditties Album (4/16/1993)
    I'm A Telly Addict!
    "Terry Talking"
    Ernie Had An Hernia
    My Wife's A Psychopath!
    Sod The Neighbours
    Melancholy Margaret
    Alecs Gone
    When You're Jimmy Saville
    Caught Up The Reeperbahn!
    Dez The Demon Decorator

  • Fat Bob's Feet Album (4/16/1990)
  • Wakey Wakey Album (4/16/1989)
  • Bare Faced Cheek Album (4/16/1987)
  • Singles 83/84 [mini] Album (4/16/1986)
  • Idle Gossip Album (4/16/1986)
  • A Far Out Disc Album (4/16/1985)
  • Dig That Groove Baby Album (4/16/1983)
  • The Toy Dolls [EP] Album (4/16/1981)

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