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Toy-Box stars, Anila and Amir, met each other at a New Year's Eve party back in 1996, and after immediately realising their joint musical interests and aims, they decided to start workding together - it ended up with a smash hit single and the group TOY-BOX

Amir and Anila have both been singing and dancing professionally for some
years, and hav ebeen working towards this "self-made" goal for some time, and therefore they organise most of the creative/chorographical work themselves

Have a look at this:
* 1st single: Tarzan & Jane (12.11.1998)
* 2nd single: Best friend (08.04.1999)
* 3rd single: Sailor Song (25.08.1999)
* 4th single: Teddy Bear ( promo )
# 1st album: Fantastic 31.05.1999
# 1st album - the Christmas Edition: 15.11.1999: Fantastic
# 1st single - new album: superstar (30.07.2001)
# 2nd album: Toy-Ride (28.07.2001)

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Its like the best parts of aqua | Reviewer: hdofu | 12/8/12

They have novelty techno pop without the later angst aqua got, songs with alot of silly fun lyrics (a lot of sexual undertones) nothing to complain about. Leaves you feeling good, melodies that get stuck in your head, this is what I like in a music group.

omg | Reviewer: allison | 11/6/07

my fave songs by toybox are bestfriend thats the first song i heard when i goot into them tarzan and jane and superstar

Toy box friggin awesome | Reviewer: sierra | 10/17/07

tarzan && jane !! Wizard of Oz! Best Friends! SuperStar! Super Duper Man! ET! Prince of Arabia !!! i love themm so friggin mucho!!

AWSOME!!!! | Reviewer: greta & Larry | 6/28/07

IIIIII CAAN"T GET ENOUGH!! TOY BOX IS SOOOOO AMAZING!! It has helped me through tough times. Always giving me a positive outlook on life. I mean "and he has long hair". Clearly a metaphore for human rebellion against opression during the war of 1812. Its really really really awsome that they can think of this stuff time and again for their incredbly original tracks. Keep up the good work:D

hot | Reviewer: tiffany | 5/12/07

the song romeo and juliet is the beeeest song .it's sweet, and hoo0o0t i lubbb toy box

omg | Reviewer: katelynn | 4/7/07

omg these are amazing...amir ur hot!! i lvoe you guys so ya Amir and Anila!!<3

Toy-Box Is Fantastic! | Reviewer: Ashy Girl | 3/27/07

They're very talented and upbeat, I really like their music a lot, and hope they come out with more stuff soon!

omg these are amazing | Reviewer: georgina | 12/6/06

wow best friend is the best sonfg everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! theyre a wkd group who shuoud be top of the charts as their songs are absouloutly amazing i love them xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx playscheme songs nd wot !

:D | Reviewer: amila | 12/19/05

Love Toy Box very muchhhhhh! They're really great ^____________^. I love their songs

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