Tourniquet Lyrics

Ted Kirkpatrick - drums
Luke Easter - vocals
Steve Andino - bass

Tourniquet: * a surgical device for arresting
hemorrhage by compression of a blood vessel * a lifelong
spiritual process by which a personal God, through the
atoning blood, death, and resurrection of His only Son
-Jesus Christ- can begin to stop the flow of going through
life without knowing and serving our Creator. HE IS OUR

Tourniquet was formed in Los Angeles in 1990. Six full
length albums, two EP's, one acoustic album, one "Best of"
album, More...

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Why Do You Pray? | Reviewer: Kelly Matthews
    ------ About the song White Knucklin' the Rosary performed by Tourniquet

Luke Easter, vocalist for Tourniquet, said once that God is not a salad bar. You don't go to Him just to get something when you need it. This song talks about having a prayer life. It's about communicating with God on a daily basis, not just when we get in trouble and need help. If a husband only spoke to his wife when he needed something, that wouldn't be much of a relationship would it? God desires a relationship with us and it's a shame we ignore Him like we do.

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