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Marilyn Manson Tourniquet Lyrics

Last updated: 09/25/2011 11:00:00 AM

She's made of hair and bone and little teeth,
Things I cannot speak
She comes on like a crippled plaything,
Spine is just a string

I wrapped our love in all this foil,
Silver-tight like spider legs
I never wanted it to ever spoil,
But flies will lay their eggs

Take your hatred out on me,
Make your victim my head
You never ever believed in me,
I am your tourniquet

Prosthetic synthesis with butterfly,
Sealed up with virgin stitch
If it hurts baby please tell me,
Preserve the innocence

I never wanted it to end like this,
But flies will lay their eggs (Mmm, Mmm, Mmm)


What I wanted,
What I needed,
What I got for me...x2

Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm


Take it out, take it out
Your not fighting me,
I don't believe me!
I never ever believed in me,
I am your tourniquet

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Great song, great artist, great ideas... | Reviewer: Blud0013 | 9/24/11

This lyrics,combined with music makes me feel so masochistic... I can't controvert about meaning of this piece of art, but when I use my imagination and fit in the lyircs I feel a bit masochistic, and while song goes on, power of that feeling is growing and all those mixed emotions of fear, passion, loath,deprecation,lust become sweet, adorable pain and I should, but can't stop craving for it... Every time I listen to this song I gracefully torture myself...

Every word has A meaning | Reviewer: whatdafuc8 | 12/9/10

First met him 1n 1989 at plus lounge in Davie ,Fl. very intelligent person. He does'nt care what people say about his act on stage, as long as they keep on saying his name. He told me he does'nt want to be famous he wants to be Infamous. All his records keeping evolving into A story from portrait and elevating into The high end of low :( R.I.P to Gidget=+= Could'nt put down the BOY so the BOY put him down :(

wormboylovemm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/10

I love Marilyn Manson, and do agree that most of his works are very misunderstood, and he is taken for granted, because he is one of the most respectable artists. He is a truley amazing writer and I indeed would like to meet him, too. I think people should definitly look deeper into the meaning of his lyrics instead of seeing what he looks like and thinking he is a creep. I think he is very sexy, though. And to those people who say people shouldstop saying bad things about the: I think he doesnt even care, atleast people are talking about him and making him more famous. Thats what I think his view would be.

Whispers at the beginning | Reviewer: Kirio | 9/19/09

The whispering at the beginning.. Just so anyone knows if they are wondering

Was during the creating of this song before he came off the drugs, sometime in the night he set up the mic stand to the computer.. and just whispered into it "This is my most vulnerable moment" before reversing it and putting at the beginning of the song.. he said it was his own private cry for help..

Just incase anyone ever wonders :P

y cant we be greatful | Reviewer: jeanette | 8/19/09

im not goign to ytpe down wat everyother person here is thinking/saying..manson is GREAT...and i agree with a lot of u...ppl do need to STOP saying bad things about at first my dad said he is a bad person to look up to...then i showed him the lyrics of 'coma white' an he is now in LOVE with manson..ppl need to look at the lyrics of songs..not the presence it has..if u know wat i mean ^-^
plus...this is my fav song ^-^

hidden | Reviewer: lorenzo | 6/14/09

In the first 9 seconds, Manson put a hidden message in the song.
He says, "This... is... my... most... vulnerable... moment..."
It as played backwards to keep anyone but himself from hearing the message. He talks about this in his book, The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell

Perseverence | Reviewer: Nfksmith | 5/11/09

What i dig about MM is that his pain and unquenchible thirst for understanding is obvious in this song. Not understanding by the masses but by that one person, IE> Soul Mate< rarely to geniuses find them. It's just a series of being victimized by unpure sources of "love". Manson is the way he is and so " over the top" because he is shy. He said it himself. Imagine the modern day reinessance man being shy. US geniuses are quite complex.

nice | Reviewer: kuumehike | 1/12/09

Pure true genius! And if people dont want to see that its their loss.

to Nicole.N.
have you forgotten what MM stands for. Were all the same people. We are him and he is us. I say you should make a song and dedicate that to him.

lovely | Reviewer: shinigami_des | 11/29/08

what can I say?I LOVE MARILYN MANSON!!!he is my's too bad,that most people say bad things about him...they don't know him...he is a normal person...why doesn't understend him?stupid people

Brilliant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/08

I've always loved this song, right from the very first time I heard it. When I listen to Marilyn Manson I get a feeling unlike anything I've ever had before. My friends listen to it, they shrug their shoulders. No one I know appreciates Manson the way I do. Its sad that no one recognizes the brilliance of his art.
Anyway, just as a side note, the backwards words at the beginning of the tune are not "this is my lowest moment of vulnerability", but it does infact say "this is my most vulnerable moment". Marilyn Manson states this in his autobiography. Which is a read I highly suggest to any person, even those who are not fans.