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May day, every day, my day
Could've had a heart attack, my heart
We don't know anything, my heart
We all want something fair, my heart


Out of town, out of sight, is my heart
Queen of lies, today, my heart
One more on the phone, my heart
One more at the door of my heart

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Mean heart
Cold heart
Cold heart
Cold heart
Cold heart
Cold heart
Cold heart
Cold heart



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Your all wrong | Reviewer: M M | 5/14/13

First off to the outstanding collegiate who talks about on a plain. On a plain pertains to opiates, which makes you scratch till you bleed. He hadn't even known Courtney at this point. Most of Nevermind is about the girl from bikini kill who dumped him. Just read a little more and do your research before you claim to be an expert on someone else's lyrics. Nobody knows the true meaning behind these songs except the man himself. Im sure he would tell you that there's no big mystical explanation and to stop analysing and just dig the music. Don't be pretentious, be adventurous.

fuck off | Reviewer: i play guitar i hate today | 1/23/13

Alright listen u fools, u think nirvanas music was just sewer garbage ha?, why don't u try looking at his lyrics to on a plain huh? Ya to most people its a little to complicated to understand but kurts style wuz completly sarcastic and that's just it, I would know because I use some of the same techniques in my lyrics, mostly emotions and depression used with it covered up by sarcastic happy lyrics, on a plain talks about a girl who's "supposedly always right" no matter what kurts had to say or do wuz always wrong, and with the chorus "I'm on a plain, I can't complain" he's sarcastically saying " I'm the one in the line of fire, yet u should be the one to tell me what to do without explanasion, because hmmhmmm. " my mother died everynight its safe to say don't quote me on that!" Now if I'm not mistaken sound like a song about the bullshit courtney gave kurt during his fame, but I cooouulld be wrong, look it up urself, then get back to me, its the most meaningful lyrics because it didn't have to make sense to anyone else besides kurt what he felt as the lyrics came out.....

grunge or punk | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/12

Nirvana was more punk Grundy was just turn that came around Nirvana come to make punk music popular Before nirvana a small sec people listened to punk metal of dieing long before nirvana most heavy metal bands blamed the glam bands for that what's a wild hair in the girl clothing nirvana kept it raw and real

tards | Reviewer: weed | 6/11/12

Actually, grunge wasnt revolutionary in fact, it nearly destroyed metal they werent influential to anybody? why because the band was clearly SHIT if pantera wasnt there in the 90s metal would have died, all because of this sewer shit what you call music

Pure...raw....talent | Reviewer: In Utero | 3/27/12

Nirvana kicks ass! I respect others opinions but I feel they made huge contributions to the music world. The pure emotion and energy that comes out from their music is astounding! They had the ability to connect with the listeners with little effort and i find that a talent that most musicians can not achieve.

Voice of the voiceless | Reviewer: Anon | 10/24/11

There is good music out there. You just don't where to find it. So quit listening to Nirvana and actually go to your local venues and support you underground bands. Don't get me wrong I love nirvana it's just that I think most people blame mainstream music well yea it's bullshit I mean ever hear about something called supporting your scene

wow | Reviewer: hatecha | 2/22/11

anyone who actually blames nirvana for the shitty music of today is fuckin stupid. nirvana didnt will these shitty artists to rise up, these shitty artists would have came along with or without nirvana. there's no fuckin floodgates that anyone opened, just people deciding to make good music, shitty music, or none.

ftw | Reviewer: dustin | 1/22/11

kay have to strongly disagree with this shit...Nirvana was one of the most revolutionary and legendary bands of their time. the fact that there just happened to be a bunch of shitty ass bands come after them has nothing to do with them. the only people who are at falt for allowing shitty bands and all this crap music nowadays is the consumer-the people who keep on buying this shitty and crappy music that the shitty and crappy bands keep coming out with

:x | Reviewer: Jaggysnake84 | 9/10/10

i have to agree with impaled on the fact that nirvana did open the flood gates for alot of crap bands. now dont get me wrong this isnt saying nirvana were to blame, they are my favourite band of all time, and the fact they open the floodgates isnt their fault, its a compliment if anything. anyways f*@cking great song, one of my faves, the drums kick ass!!!!

everything wrong? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/10

@ impaled, you're joking, right? Nirvana was one of the last good bands to come around in recent years. I don't think there's any band around today that's consistently putting out as good of music as Nirvana did. And Nirvana's music was probably the best since Zeppelin.

impaled | Reviewer: deadmandan | 3/20/09

Impaled, Gore-grind band from Oakland, did a cover of this song that owns your face. Heavy,crushing, with a pretty simple but cool riff. I dont like Nirvana as they epitomized where everything started to go wrong with music, but there is no doubt they(kurt)are legends. They destroyed an entire genre of music and started a new one. I gotta give credit where credit is due. horns.

about Tourette's | Reviewer: toha | 12/13/07

Who can shout this song better? I think nobody can't. I can't understand what is he singing about without lyrics in studio version, but in "From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah" (live version) everything is understandable.

nirvana | Reviewer: tony | 11/15/07

nirvana is my favorite band along side with the misfits. i love kurts singing nd guitar playing. i wish i could od that shit just like him. if i ever start a band im so going 2 do a coupple nirvana covers but of songs that some people havent heard of like sappy and i hate mysself and want to die.

more | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/07

there is no actual lyrics for this song considering kurt changed it everytime he sang it listen to the from the muddy banks of the wishkah version and fallow along with those lyrics and u'll c.

Scream beat machine | Reviewer: garrett vanthournought | 5/16/07

This track from nirvana has a slamming intro riff that leads to a harsh down tempo drum then explodes into Kurts vocal discharge, the break down in between bridges is awsome then picks back up with a catcthy drum beat then at the end of the song Kurt lashes out as the intstrumentals pick up to a sudden stop with Kurt ending the song with a grungy groan a great song for new nirvana fans and old.

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