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Phoebe Snow Touch Your Soul Lyrics

Last updated: 11/13/2012 06:04:19 AM

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I saw you leave the bar last night
with some nameless, faceless girl.
All in once you were lost little boy,
and the man of the world.
Your lonely nights of conquest
can never make you whole.
You squander your body,
you need someone to touch your soul.

I watched you in your helpless days of masculinity,
you're so tired you can't sleep,
least of all with me.
You search yourself inside and out
'til the silence takes it's toll
and you squander your body,
you need someone to touch your soul.

You feel exposed when someone loves,
a secret that you'd
rather not explore.
You move in close, then you run away.
Does it hurt that much to say
what you really need to say?

I'll run into you again someday,
I hope you will be free.
Meanwhile don't waste another minute of life,
It's precious to me.
Don't keep on running from yourself,
alone in the cold.
Don't squander your body,
let someone touch your soul.

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