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In 1976, Jeff Porcaro and David Paich, who played together
in high school bands and are already acclaimed studio
musicians and currently working with Boz Scaggs, decide to
form a new band. Joining them are Steve Lukather and Jeff's
younger brother Steve Porcaro (who have been playing
together in a band called Still Life), singer Bobby Kimball
(from the L.A. band SS Fools) and bassist David Hungate.
Jeff suggests the name "TOTO" after having watched The
Wizard of Oz on TV, not to name the band after the dog, but
as a name that's easy More...

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Review about Toto songs
Moving song | Reviewer: Christopher
    ------ About the song Bottom Of Your Soul performed by Toto


"Bottom of Your Soul" is a soulful and moving song performed by Toto. Only two of the original members of the band are on stage on the "Falling In Between" DVD that featured a live version of this song played in Paris in March of 2007. They are lead guitarist Steve Lukather and singer Bobby Kimball. It doesn't matter if it's not entirely the original line-up on stage because that grouping still hit it out of the ball park with this awe inspiring performance in France!

"Bottom of Your Soul" is song writing and live pop/rock performance in it's highest art form.


let it stay | Reviewer: vonzel
    ------ About the song Let It Go performed by Toto

let it stay. im happy with my song and i cind of said some words in my own word but its good cus some of the songs i say in my own words to and am 6 years old and am i bit good at writing eny whay my name is vonzel and i think you would recanaysed my name at the top and i tride so hard doing all this writing and am i bit worid if am allowed to writ this menny writing eny whay am going to ply games on my mum s laptop and im proud with my singin to bye.

The meaning | Reviewer: A musician
    ------ About the song Africa performed by Toto

Toto members interviewed on MTV in the day admitted they needed a hit and thought they could build one using every popular hook known at the time. This is what they created, and they got their big hit. The lyrics I think are a poetic version of a primally horny guy (hence the African references) awaiting his girl's arrival on a plane, thankfully planning to take his time doing things they never had before. Despite the pragmatic beginnings, it's still a good 80s hit song.

Missionaries be damned | Reviewer: me Mathabo
    ------ About the song Africa performed by Toto

It made me think of my two years in Africa in the Peace Corps and how most of the missonaries I met were into bribery and chicanery. I don't believe in god and the song to me just talks of the wonders of Africa, the scenery, the people, the animals.....and the rains.

What the song meaning is for me | Reviewer: shellie drez
    ------ About the song Africa performed by Toto

I woke up thinking about this song,this morning,so I was curious why.I'm a christian and I believe God communicates to us through song,sometimes.This is what I got out of the song:I see myself walking around outside late night with stars and moon shining,the old man I stop may be homeless hoping to find something of important meaning from what he says.There's a lot it could take for me to be dragged away from God/Jesus.Its going to take some time to do the things God wants me to do in ministry in a church,that he has shown me to do,since a kid,and over the past year.He has shown me to sing,dance unto him,at home4now but will be a time where I am called to minister to people in praise/worship thru dance,and song.Since I been outta church awhile I have become wild with cussing real bad.I seek to cure what is deep inside of me,instilled by God.I feel God says"Hurry daughter,blessings are awaiting you,in this ministry I called4you but dont be too anxious,it will come in due time!

love these guys | Reviewer: Jenny
    ------ About the song 99 performed by Toto

Never knew why they quit but i loved them saw them in concert way back when they played the gorge and tom my boss and others we had back stage passes loved them they never get old and sometimes you just have to think back to what the music was back then can not really think that i once liked this song though

The album (or disk) Hydra by Toto | Reviewer: james harsch
    ------ About the song Hydra performed by Toto

If ever one needs to check the sounds of good speakers this is one that will sound the best. Well engineered and is one of those albums you can listen and love from beginning to ending tracks. Very inovated.

Spiritual Man - TOTO | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Spiritual Man performed by Toto

This song immediately struck that special place in my heart. I connected with this song, the back ground harmonies and sax....TOTO does it again.

Beautiful song!

yeeih! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hold The Line performed by Toto

well.. this is a classic..i just can't describe it you gotta hear is a great song, so listen it and enjoy it! of course if you like the oldies!

Heartaching... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Melanie performed by Toto

I though after 1990, Toto lost their touch, and songs like this, (and also "I Will Remember") end up being some the most romantic son I've heard, and really moving.

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