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Totally Michael Biography

Last updated: 05/18/2007

i'm michael.

i like cashews. for my 21st birthday i had a cashew dance party. everybody brought me a bunch of cashews and dishes made with cashews and we danced. it was the tightest. i was born and raised in cabot, AR. i lived in the same house for twenty years. i moved to bloomington, IN in early january 2005. i was cursed with a small penis. i like to let everybody know about it. i enjoy dancing. a lot. i want to make music people can dance to. i want to dance with you. i make music with a guitar, a computer, and my voice. it's fun. i have a badass fog machine. i bought 1000 balloons off of ebay for like 20 bucks. they were all melted and shit when i got them. whenever i ask my friends to help me blow them up they always complain. "these are the worst balloons ever." my friends say. i tell my friends "i'll give you something to complain about." and they back down. i want to be your friend. even if you suck at blowing up balloons and blame it on the balloons. i'm on myspace. who isn't? bounce with me. bounce with me.

things i like:

monday night bowling/dancing
my fog machine
flying kites
not working
dancing at dance parties
soophie nun squad

now let me tell you about soophie nun squad. they are the best band in the world. they put on the best shows in the world. sadly, no matter how good your band is, you're still not as tight as soophie. if soophie nun squad was a nut they'd be a cashew. superior to all other nuts. you can order some of their stuff from plan-it-x.