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Dimmu Borgir Tormentor Of Christian Souls Lyrics

Last updated: 05/03/2014 06:58:53 PM

I could drag you to my chambers
And strip you naked in darkness
I could pull out your fingernails one by one
And rape you till you find no hope

I could rip your guts out
I'll let you watch me sacrifice your unborn child
I could leave you to starve
And even bring you to total silence

I won't

I find no pleasure
In your physical pain
I want your Christian soul to crumble

Your fucking soul

When I have seen your Church go up in flames
When you are weeping I will laugh
When I have seen you mourn over loved ones
I will feel bliss when your mortal soul is in ruins

I will grin in the shadows
That gives me pleasure
Tormenting a Christian soul

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to Adam and the rest of you... | Reviewer: Clot | 5/4/14

If you look up the metal band "Mayhem" on Wikipedia. You will see that these lyrics are far from intended to be shock lyrics...And more to the effect of telling the facts about the lifestyle being sought after by the early black metal scene...NO this I no Marilyn maggot (Manson) Fake wanna be evil lyrics...this is a reflection of true past events in the occult and black metal scene...

All | Reviewer: Aniruddha | 10/23/13

All the religions are hoax and they should be banned instead of banning this song, Suze you're a someone who is not needed here, so pack yer bag and get the hell out to yer stupid feeble church, where you worship yer stupid God. I curse all the hypocrites.

Interesting | Reviewer: Adam | 4/4/13

Wow. Just discovered this. HA HA HA HA! Sounds like Dimmu really has his panties in a wad about us Christians. :) I imagine he'll have a real fit when he's got to stand before the God he loathes and bow to Him. lol I actually didn't come looking for this song. There's just a game called Urizen and I thought, hmm...kinda sounds satanic. And I know about the importance of being able to read backwards, and write backwards so I deggulp it into google and Tormentor of Souls came up. And I just HAD to check it out. lol I'm not a reviewer. I don't really have an appreciation of metal. But I did catch the lyrics. Quite nasty! As for the lyrics themselves "blah" but it is a bit concerning if Dimmu would carry something like that out in real life. I mean I know this is shock shit. Don't get me wrong. But I got a sneaking suspicion he might not be far removed from doing something like that if he of course had the opportunity. THAT is a bit disconcerting. Those physical tortures in that song, were they actually occurring; would of course find you picking up your guts off the floor and picking lead pellets out of the blood. After you caught a shotgun blast to the gut of course. How's THAT for dark huh? lol

As for the hatred of Christianity; hey, it's written right? Cockroaches hate light. And they curse it. What else is new. lol You aren't coming up with anything new. lol

NOW...I am concerned about the comments I'm reading. Especially for listening to this crap. Sorry. I'm speaking of the content of course. You really thing Dimmu wrote this? lol If you are a Christian and you believe this; then your Sunday School teacher needs to be schooled. lol

My guess that the author of this was, if I had to fathom a guess; ughhh... ok, I'm gonna say two and it's either or. I'd say that it was baphomet. And sorry, I don't believe he deserves proper punctuation. Or baal. Though it's more baphomet's style. Then again with the whole baby thing...I might have to go with moloch. Yep. That's who it was. lol He didn't want me remembering it's name. And if the lady protesteth too much..

Now, if you are Christians if you don't condemn it in an open forum that is your business. But you obviously don't know anything about spiritual warfare. You don't know how satan operates. Here's a little Spiritual Warfare 101... at least to the devil; there is NO SUCH THING as "just music". Though he's doing well to make sure you don't recognize it as a weapon of warfare. :) I LOVE giving away his little secrets. I can only imagine how many demons are jumping around and crapping themselves right now. "YOU GAVE AWAY OUR SECRET!!!!" Ho og tup ruoy gib lrig seitanp no. lol

You see my dear Christian friends; as a Christian you become a sworn enemy of satan. And you can't "get on his good side", or "be neutral" so to speak. If you are not under assault then you are not under assault because you are not a threat. The enemy has cut your nuts off so to speak. (Sorry ladies.) You aren't doing any damage. But don't think for an instance that just because you have decided not to do damage to the kingdom of hell; satan has decided that he won't try to damage you. He'll just go through the back door if you will.

There is a specific demon that indwells music. It uses the ears to enter. Which it does when a song it inhabits is listened to. You see what those who are evil will not tell you is that a Christian cannot be cursed by a satanist or any worshiper of evil. But the trick is, a Christian CAN curse themselves. Because on a subconscious level when you listen to it you are AGREEING to or with the curse.

It can only be played in and it can only be played out. I challenge any of you Christians who enjoy metal, especially BLACK metal to do a curse breaking manual. I guarantee almost that you will manifest. God bless.

Sorry to those who EARNESTLY believe that satan is more powerful than God. lol I just witnessed the Ruach HaKodesh bring a warlock to his knees last weekend. :) He tried to get back up, but he couldn't. Just kept falling. Didn't know he was a warlock until we were told about 15 min afterward. They believed him to be there to do harm to us. lol Big dude too. But he was as week as water when the Holy Spirit got hold of him. Quite a display of power by the Holy Spirit. :)

Just hope you don't try to live out the song "you" wrote Dimmu. That could be threatening to one's freedom.

Now by Hebrews 9:12 I drive the sword of the Ruach HaKodesh through the demon that dwells in this song. I rent it in twain. And I bind it to itself and all of it's kingdom in accordance with Ecclesiastes 4:12; I bind that spirit with a three fold cord not easily torn that it may be bound and cut off. I cancel every assignment of the enemy. In the Almighty Name of Yahushua Hamashiach. Amen

*Facepalm* | Reviewer: Jon | 1/27/13

Okay, to any non-Christians reading this, please don't think all of us Christians are like Suze. We are not all idiots. I like Dimmu Borgir and Metal, and if I'm slightly offended by one of their songs, I have a simple answer: don't listen to it. Like this song; I personally am not offended however it does come off as slightly blasphemous, so I won't listen to it. However, that doesn't make me boycott Dimmu Borgir because they have song lyrics I don't like! I love Progenies of the Great Apocalypse, Burn in Hell, and Puritania. If you are offended, just simply don't listen to it. That's my two cents.

awesomeeeeeeee!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/12

hahahaaa I'm christian and I Take This Song as a compliment. They're fucking amazing you can't deny That. it's Their point they can say wateva I dont care even Though I'm a girl and get loads of shit for listening to This kind of stuff. I'll never Take it to heart , beliefs are beliefs and Metal is music purely for enjoyment.

uh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/1/11

this is black metal, from norway, and they really do hate christianity and all of its ignorant followers. you can run your mouth all day about freedom of expression, but this is not JUST music, its a backlash against the evil you committed against them and their people.

Godd song indeed. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/10

I love Dimmu Borgir, and being both a Christian, and rather young(15), people always call me "evil" and "fallen from God". I dont get it, it's just music, why do people have to be so up tight? Whether one is an Atheist, Satanist(LaVeyen, Anticosmic, whatever), or A Christian i strongly believe that one's music choice doesn't have the power to overthrow a belief, if you don't let it obviously.
Anyway, i absolutely love this song, its extravagantly well written and played. I couldn't care less what Shagrath is saying himself, its what he believes that essentially counts. He is after all, simply an atheist, and what he is speaking of he doesn't necessarily believe.
Its music people, to whine, judge, and damn people for listening what their ears enjoy is idiocy.

Music is art and religion corrupts | Reviewer: !!S3MT3X!! | 12/10/10

I am always blown away by the compelling choir and the frenetic yet meticulous drummming during the intro. The guitars in the second part of
the intro express embarkment on a grand adventure, as if looking over the horizon or down at the fields where a great battle will take place.

The verses offer excellent song progression with their aggresive riffs and empowering lyrics which I find fun and highly entertaining.
All the bridges give the amazing depth and engrossment. Listening to the song three times back-to-back, I realized it contains much
variation in tempo and time signature(6/8, 9/8, 4/4, 11/8). Between the song structure, vicious vocals, vivacious musicianship, and epic
symphonic accents, it's a masterpiece of black metal richness. It is definitely one of Dimmus best songs, and one of my all time favorates.

Dimmu disapointed me with Abrahadabra. It dosn't have the richness, or the creativity their other albums had. It dosn't grasp me, and I
just don't find it very interesting. I also feel the same way about Immortals new album, All Shall Fall. Well, I'd still rather listen to them than the Jonas Brothers lol.

If you really want to hear something satanic (and extremely rough and brutal), listen to Deathspell Omega. Try this link:
learn more about them:
this goes with the song:

. . . or perish on the naked cinders of a dying planet.

Awesome. | Reviewer: Chris | 12/8/10

This song is awesome. I love all the lyrics to it. Unlike anyone else who has reviewed it, I indeed am a LaVeyan Satanist. That is not the reason I like the song though. I think it makes a good point. Its mostly christians that are the closed minded people in the world. They think that their book and their deity have all the answered to the world. How arrogant. This song is rebelling against those types of people, and rightfully so.

A Christians point of View. | Reviewer: Anthony | 12/7/10

Suze! Im going to level with you, i used to be just like you. Im a christian(I was Baptized when i was 14) and i used to think this stuff was sacrelgious, untill i woke up and relized something.... ITS JUST MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's all it is!!! I've even come to enjoy this music, Death Metal And Black Metal has become huge Favorites of mine over the past 2 years. and i haven't lost my faith in god. Believe and say what you want Suze but always remember Judge not lest ye be judged yourself.

Does it's job | Reviewer: Metallixer669 | 9/25/10

Before I begin: Suze, have you heard of freedom of speech? I personally think it's amusing that people outside the culture of heavy metal think the music is evil, but many times bands are attempting to point of the hypocritical and closed-minded, and are succeeding. As Xodus pointed out black metal as a genre is a music of fear, music itself is meant to instill emotion, black metal is fear. Sadly, bands like this end up exposing the evils they intend to, but not to those committing said acts. People like Suze are judging the band without knowing the intent, and by doing so have self-proclaimed their own damnation by resorting to judgement... So Dimmu hits the nail on the head with this song: exposing the evils of this world and instilling a sense of fear...

heathenism | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/10

in reality this song has nothing to do with satan, its viking dumbass! the christians erased my entire peoples history and most of europe too, why should we have respect for a religion for a fucking jewish sect, they had no respect for us when they built their ugly churches over our beautiful medows and defiled our fjords with their alien influence, now there is no written history for alot of the origional people of our lands, christians are so narrow minded, you think the song is about satan because it is anti christian, foolish. do your homework before you open your mouth, and they all bring a valid point, why are you listening to our music if you hate it so much. and what will you do in the endgame when ragnarok comes and you find out you are with the wrong side. i am no satanist, i am ASATRU and i know my shit, and for the record none of the members of dimmu are lavey or regular satanist, shagrath is baptised catholic. they rebel against christians, and satan is a natural way to do so, but they are not satanist of any kind

Xodus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/10

I am a music student and a Pentecostal Christian and funny enough studying Metal and I think this is an AWESOME TRACK the production Quality of Dimmu Borgir and the use of lyrics to invoke fear, torment is powerful and effective and I would have to say the musicianship is 2nd to none. I think us Christians can learn from how passionate this band is. In fact if you're going to believe in something do it to the full and don't be half arsed about it!

Good Stuff | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/10

I am a music student and a Pentecostal Christian and funny enough studying Metal and I think this is an AWESOME TRACK the production Quality of Dimmu Borgir and the use of lyrics to invoke fear, torment is powerful and effective and I would have to say the musicianship is 2nd to none. I think us Christians can learn from how passionate this band is. In fact if you're going to believe in something do it to the full and don't be half arsed about it!

Awesome! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/10

Very good song, the lyrics are good too! Apparently Nuclear Blast didn't put the lyrics for this song in the album because they were concerned or something. But dammit Suze if u don't like the band why are you looking up their lyrics? It's pointless to look them up just to bitch about how the song should be banned. By the way I'm 14 and this is my favourite band ever, but I'm not Satanist!