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IN the nineties, the piano has not received the respect it
deserves — at least from pop artists. But Tori Amos makes
the piano central to her overall presentation, both onstage
and in the studio. Over the course of many albums and two
EPs, she has established herself as both a critical and
commercial success. She's a fine singer, a terrific
pianist, a captivating performer, and an intriguing
songwriter who addresses relationships from a candid,
sometimes brutal perspective. What sets her apart from her
peer group of young female More...

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Review about Tori Amos songs
a beautifly written song | Reviewer: indian dave
    ------ About the song Amber Waves performed by Tori Amos

this song tells about an adult film stars rise to fame reflecting on her childhood as a ballerina up to a lap dancer then the song leaves you with the thought that someone new has taken over her place yet through all this she never forgets the northern lights from her childhood that help her remember the innocence from her childhood-a way of always keeping her grounded through the ups and downs of her turbulent life and chosen cereer

Masterpiece | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Mr Zebra performed by Tori Amos

this is a masterpiece, its before its time and completley under apreciated. there is so much hidden symbolism that this generation simpily misses and isnt ready for. oh mr. zebra can i have youre sweader because without this im cool,cold,cold.

Cooling meaning.... | Reviewer: Hekcetera Etcetera
    ------ About the song Cooling performed by Tori Amos

This song is about her miscarriage. She had two of them. The references are very clear in the song. I read the comment above that theory is complete wrong. "But fire thought she'd really rather be water instead". "Is your place in heaven worth giving up these kisses". It's about one of her miscarriages, she naked it Speed Racer, meaning coming sooner than expected.

I think she got merederd... | Reviewer: i love dogs
    ------ About the song Yes, Anastasia performed by Tori Amos

I found a clue in this song listen to this Thought she deserved no less than shed give. Well happy birthday. Her bloods on my hand. It's kinda ashame. Cause I did like that dress. It's funny what you see in the rain. The things that you'd fined in the rain.

question? | Reviewer: knowitall
    ------ About the song Siren performed by Tori Amos

I've been following Tori for a long time, and know well her biography. Yes, I think this song is very personal and has little to do with a soundtrack for the Great Expectations ( just fits the story in a very literal interpretation).
In my opinion it's about not being able to have a meaningful relationship with men although you are an attractive and "coquette" woman, not being able to have a baby (miscarriage).. not being able to face yourself and overcome your internal fears about love and commitment.
And most of all.. in slang VANILLA means a lesbian that has just came out.
Something to think about.. right? :))

Wisdom vs Youth | Reviewer: TheDreamKing
    ------ About the song Cooling performed by Tori Amos

This song is one of my favorites, and it took me 10+ years to get what it really is about, which is what it is about.

There are two distinct characters in this song. And the fact that Tori keeps changing the perspective of the two between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person makes it a little hard to follow, but in the end adds to the effect of the meaning.

There is an aging woman. Not an old woman, but one who is getting a little older who was somewhat of a harlot in her younger days, whom upon maturing, realized the errs of her ways, and holds many regrets.

She sees the younger girl, beautiful and pure, who is following the same path she took in her younger days. She wishes to show the young girl her own mistakes to save her from regret later. But there is also a streak of jealousy, in which 'Peggy' sees the young girl as she once was herself. She misses the fast life, but knows the dangers of it.

The 'Cooling' is stated as being the fire and passion cooling down and becoming a fluidity of regret and shame that overwhelms everything 'that pineapple tree', something that was once fruitful, but has since been flooded with remorse.

This is my take.

Wow | Reviewer: Melina
    ------ About the song Siren performed by Tori Amos

this song is all about her miscarriage.
I absolutly love Tori her songs are hauting me.. i think bout it all days she so unique herself but her music too Tori is one of the last artist in her type she got so much to offer. when i listed to her songs i feel alive and her music is gat me goin in transe so much powerfull she really did change the way i see things and i encourage evry body to look up to this artist xxxlive long Tori

LOVE HER! | Reviewer: Laura
    ------ About the song A Case Of You performed by Tori Amos

Tori is my fav! Absolutely love the cover to "a case of you" I have an incredible version of wild horses from Tori. I dont know what show it is from but its live and her voice gets so scratchy at the end. AMAZING!

Original version | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Talula performed by Tori Amos


The original version of Talula begins with different intro-lyrics:

congratulate you
said you had a double tongue
balancing cake and bread
say goodbye to a glitter girl

which was later replaced by the Tornado Mix intro-lyrics:

he's chasing tornados
i'm just waiting calmly
chasing her, hey

The Tornado Mix also ends with extra lyrics:

he's chasing tornados
and i'm just waiting calmly

"And it keeps moving into the dance of Talula, and her desperately trying to dance, desperately trying to figure out the whole idea of loss: it must be worth loosing if it's worth something. So if I feel like I am loosing something, at lease I valued something enough to loose it in the first place... it's going back into that train of thought. Talula is very much a riddle. The loss of Eric in my life was... it felt like half of me walked out the door. And Talula came as a nursery rhyme, my little dance that I would do when things were so sad. Because I started thinking 'but God, I have these feelings, which means...' we shared so many moments that I value, I really valued that, so what a gift that I can feel this loss, that I am not so numb, that I haven't cut myself off so much, and once I could feel the loss then I started to feel free. I want to dance and go 'yeah, I want to be with Talula. I want to be able to dance through the people that come in and go out of your life. I want to learn how to dance with the gifts when they come and the gifts when they need to take a different route.'"
-- Tori; B Side, 05/96

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she's brand new now to you
wrapped in your papoose
your little fig newton

say goodbye to the old world

ran into the henchman
who severed anne boleyn(...)

My Sugar | Reviewer: nancy
    ------ About the song Sugar performed by Tori Amos

Getting into a new relationship after many years. My new man brings me sugar in many ways. This has become my favorite song, full of emotion and love. It expresses how I feel about him. Tori, I love all your songs but this one runs deep for me. It's one of your best!

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