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Top Of The Fair Biography

Last updated: 12/20/2005

Top of the Fair is a hard-working band from Milford, CT that began its career in early 2003 while the members were attending high school.

When the summer of 2004 approached, three of the four members graduated, and they all agreed to step the band up to a full-time occupation, with constant touring and self-promoting.They quickly got hooked up with Trumpet Breaker Productions, who has helped them successfully book and play 200 nationwide shows in the past year. And, with the success of their recent tours, they have been fortunate enough to share the stage with national acts such as Homegrown, Alexis On Fire, Spitalfield, Socratic, Days Away, Halifax and any more!

Employing the structure of indie rock and the heartfelt lyrics of emo, Top of the Fair has created an album full of personal introspection matched by upbeat tunes. As such, it is a disc that conveys emotion through powerful songs and presents the band with the ability to express feelings through melody, without the flair or dramatic delivery that is all the rage these days.

Putting the "M" in Marvelous is a definite work of art, and a worthy addition to any music library.

kurt zikaras guitar, vocals
will romeo guitar
jamie otfinoski bass
jeff wielk drums