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Danny grew up in Paola, KS. Relatively normal, an element
of mystery was added to Danny's childhood when one day he
spied his father with a large sword conducting a Masonic
ritual. Danny would later notice himself performing similar
movements when he began playing drums at the age of
thirteen. As Danny progressed through high school and then
college at the University of Missouri in Kansas City he
began supplementing his studies in percussion with
speculation into the principles of geometry, science, and
metaphysics. A commitment to More...

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Review about Tool songs
one more opinion | Reviewer: Zheydhan
    ------ About the song Jambi performed by Tool

about interpretation: you can`t come with an idea for a meaning of somethig that does not appear in the lyrics "benebolent sun -> benebolent son -> Jesus!!" (i read this in another review by the way), the Tool`s lyrics aro so awesome because they are a riddle, everyone tha wants to understand them has to experience a lot of thing and not speculate, quite your mind and silence its an art, all those who try to give a meaning that differs from what is textual and the meaning of other people it like a thief, wanting to keep for his own something that does not belong to him, wanting to satisfy themselves for finding the truth, the truth does not belong to anyone in special, its for everyone the same

Regard to everyone that come so far in the comments and rewiews...

not actually that deep | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cold and Ugly performed by Tool

this song is clearly about a prostitute, and some sort of altercation where the speaker is identifying with the prostitute as he uses her services. It's not so philosophically deep as it is emotionally deep.

My interpretation | Reviewer: Gage Wells
    ------ About the song Right in Two performed by Tool

This song says "why did father give these humans free will?"
It talks about angels on the sidline watching us "Monkeys" fight and kill each other watching it all go downhill.
Gotta divide it all right in two basically means keeping these monkeys away from each other so they will not fight over pieces of ground no longer.
That is a simple interpretation.

Cmon | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Grudge performed by Tool

Saturn is the goddess of love. He is talking about his first wifes affair and how he cant let go of it. He holds the grudge and wears it like a crown, making him feel like he can be in control of who he lets in to that point again, and he wont let anyone go beyond a certain point. Saturn being the goddess of love coming around are opportunities in which he can continue to hold on to his grude or let it go and grow.

I know this isn't it | Reviewer: DreCube
    ------ About the song H. performed by Tool

I know that this isn't what Maynard was writing about, but to me this song has always captured perfectly my struggle with manic depression and the state of mind before the dive to depression

Could happen to you | Reviewer: Calos
    ------ About the song Sober performed by Tool

I do not think there is an univoque interpretation for a real work of art. What art really does is to point toward the immensity of reallity. But giving a concrete interpretation, closed in itself (as the one about alcoholism) misses the whole point. I suggest to read the first chapter of Chesterton's Orthodoxy, or to look to a whatever piece of art that is worth.
I find this song as an authentic work of art. It suggests with great images what we find, sometimes in life. On the one hand, I myself have been called somehow as a worthless liar, and my students warned not to listen to me, because "I would only complicate them" and if they would trust in me, they would fall as well. This is what happens in every place where a brainwash is going on.
On the otherhand, I have felt the temptation "There is a shadow just behind me, shrawding every step I take", and because of the difficulties of life "making every promisse empty".
What must I do? Trust him? It seems that there is this shadow, and some times in life, It seems very real. One must realize it, to get over it.

see for yourself | Reviewer: Chris
    ------ About the song Forty-Six & 2 performed by Tool

The human desire to be correct in the things that speak to us goes far beyond the interpretation of these lyrics or any lyrics or writings. This is undoubtedly a creation of the ego present in our minds. Most of these people don't get it but the real reason these songs are written the way they are is so that you can use them to help you find more of you. The name Tool says it all, a tool that is meant to be used in the hands of those who care to. They are true artists to the pinnacle sense of the word. That being said none of you are wrong for having your own individual interpretations of these lyrics. in my opinion at the risk of sounding contradictory the only ones who are wrong are the ones who say that someone else is. Don't take my word for it read it for yourself in Maynard's own words at: "" this forum has been around since 2002 and for any of you who don't know about it already, its undoubtably the best site for anything that is "Tool"

P.s. thanks for sharing

THEY ARE YOUR TOOL | Reviewer: Guillaume
    ------ About the song Schism performed by Tool

Caden malott is right, tool members chose that band name because they wanna be exactly that : YOUR tool to achieve whatever it is you wanna achieve. Therefore their lyrics, even tho inspired by the life of the members wich are human just like us, have no PRECISE meaning but rather applies to alot of general scenarios and go in depths of what we as human feel when facing these situations. Just listen to any tool lyrics and youll see you can identify yourself at some point of your life through them, afterwards its just about moving forward never forgetting these good or bad memories with a killer soundtrack in da background :D

Just obvious things | Reviewer: urbanshaman
    ------ About the song Third Eye performed by Tool

in... out... Breath concentration to clean your mind. Classic way of meditation, nothing more.
This song is about enlightenment, special state when you realize all diffrent operations that happen in your mind right now. And you can control all the stuff as you wish. There is no more thoughts that occur automatically. This is the moment when you realize all your subconsciousness. Moment of maximum possible realization.(Thats why "ive known this all along") All your mind parts become one MIND.
Youre opening your third eye.

The song monologues are between "normal" and "Three-eyed" states of one consciousness.
(Maybe Maynard's one)

Came out to watch you play
Why are you running away? - Is this just some kind of Maynard subjective experience? I have no obvious intepritation.

My view of the song | Reviewer: Steve
    ------ About the song The Patient performed by Tool

I think it has, somewhat, a deep message about its much more satisfying to live as kind and beloved person even if its not rewarding be it immediate, later on in time, or never at all. So i think not only about a patient living with a illness or Maynard's life when his mother was in the hospital when he was young.

And guys, remember Tool wants their music to give you your own interpretation of their songs. Thus why they never release official lyrics in the first place. They want you guys to have your own opinion of the song. Neither right nor wrong.

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