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Danny grew up in Paola, KS. Relatively normal, an element
of mystery was added to Danny's childhood when one day he
spied his father with a large sword conducting a Masonic
ritual. Danny would later notice himself performing similar
movements when he began playing drums at the age of
thirteen. As Danny progressed through high school and then
college at the University of Missouri in Kansas City he
began supplementing his studies in percussion with
speculation into the principles of geometry, science, and
metaphysics. A commitment to More...

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Review about Tool songs
Fibonacci | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Lateralus performed by Tool

It's funny how people think their personal interpretation is the right one..I think the song is pretty self explanatory..lyrics are written in Fibonacci sequence, then he talks about the spiral..Fibonacci spiral, ever increasing..ride the spiral to the's about finding happiness and fulfillment within the search for meaning

whatever the meaning is.... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song H. performed by Tool

its not important for me, what Maynard meant... we all got different experiences in life.. important for me is that the lyrics mean something to me.
And important for me is, that i believe every single word MJ is singing, cause he is always authentic and transports true feelings to me...

Twin Flame | Reviewer: Loyana
    ------ About the song Third Eye performed by Tool

To me this song represents the meeting of twin flames. " I opened my eye and we were there". Any one that has met their twin flame can certainly relate.

Truth In This Song | Reviewer: Anon
    ------ About the song The Patient performed by Tool

This song is about the trials of the enlightened. It is hard 'work'. The energy is drained, and often the enlightened kill themselves or suffer from mental 'disorders' as a result of not being able to handle the powerful energy they thrust upon themselves. The vampire is the craving for knowledge. The 'patient' is also the 'healer'.

#Third eye #to that guy who is really smart and cool and Anonymous | Reviewer: Ed
    ------ About the song Third Eye performed by Tool

well, it's something like: you transcend other plan because you are high, nothing just feel you are the best ever, you found something behind your deepest thougths, when everything around is so ugly and depressive (i.e society). Your state of mind turns out to be illusional, beautiful and glorious and your ego stands up for himself somehow.... but when we are speaking about being spiritual and the accessment to this «third eye» experience are having a xamanistic experience and just that...c'mon you'll not find God or you are not even closer to find the one could...why? no one knows everything, it's impossible.
And believe me, it's not a dogma, it's real! but if you want to be closer to find something or even the TRUTH, first try not to be high, then you can have a «realistic transcendental experience» of the reality and not just your imagination and mooniness...

So you are so high and you skip into another world and suddenly you discover which truth?

Yeah they put in front of you 1k books about the life, nature, the universe, what is the name of that particular constellation, or even «the Truth» about the existence of other beings.....and it continues... No it doesn't,and who ever had taken LSD etc knows it! You'll know to be able to find «the truth» especially with the third eye way of thinking experience...( and remember the third eye concept is from the hinduism which is a religion) and which means basically the access to your subconscious where are your deepest fears and great memories and your imagination and so on... so let's get serious and realistic (and not stupid) because people talk about the concepts without even knowing them (next time I suggest you really study about the concepts you defend, and read it loud for yourself, or even try to think about them, if they really make sense...before you apply them, otherwise you really sound very very stupid. And after,if you still think you're the coolest, whick sounds even more stupid and ridiculous, I'd probably tolerate your stupidity and have some pity cos' you make a fool of yourself). But right now you're probably 20+years old and so your dogmatic ideas about coolness are so charming even for yourself, so don't mind if you're crying for attention you'll get your own someday without being junkie. And if we are talking about ego : «yeah I am so cool and the others doesn't understand me, they're sheeps...they live in dogmas, they accept this sick society....yeahhh I am so cool»....well but thinking this way you're very very dogmatic (just like the others who say they do wars and other things because God told them...well no... but ok there's part of a culture we should tolerate even we don't agree...yeah you know we belong this society and not another one, and so if don't like it do it better, but if you want to change it change it for good, there's the pretty solution and not a dogma.

Well there's time in life dude that you'll find out about the circus dogmas you do again...and again and again..:

"people take drugs and expand their consciousness and become gods effectually and they became greater than you ...'

Did you become greater than the other one because you said people who take drugs become gods?

"because the aren't in that instance a slave to an idea as you have became adopting a religion/faith/brain washing dogma.Do be proud of your slavery.You are a sheep,one of the flock you are nothing special,you everything one should avoid in life.You disrespect your own humanness.Government,money,god are all ideas easily corrupted'.

And aren't you too, a slave, with a dogma, and a religion? Don't you know anyone have ideas, and positions and doesn't make you a slave because of defending them, otherwise everyone is a slave of his own ideas, including you. A slave is someone who barely can't tolerate or accept different perspectives, the ones which differ from his own «the Idea thing» i.e a fanatic ( and you know what? a dogmatic person you said it's the one who claim God, and Jesus, well and your dogma is absolutely against «the Idea» of God and religion. So there's here implicit your dogma or even fanatism.

Look out what I found for you in wikipedia: http://

"Early on, the band fabricated the story that they formed because of the pseudophilosophy "lachrymology".[7] Although "lachrymology" was also cited as an inspiration for the band's name, Keenan later explained their intentions differently: "Tool is exactly what it sounds like: It's a big dick. It's a wrench. ... we are ... your tool; use us as a catalyst in your process of finding out whatever it is you need to find out, or whatever it is you're trying to achieve."[8]"

or even http://


A religion that supposedly embraces pain, and specifically its release through crying, as a means to move to a higher state of being.

This religion is supposedly practiced by all the members of the heavy metal group Tool, but since it is nearly impossible to find any writings about Lachrymology that aren't related to Tool, it is obvious that Lachrymology was a hoax made up by Tool.

Since several of Tool's songs attack the cult Scientology, it is likely that Lachrymology was made up as a satire of Scientology, especially since Tool has claimed that Scientology has drawn many followers away from Lachrymology.
Anyone who claims to practice Lachrymology is simply a Tool fan that hasn't put two and two together."

You know what too? the idea/ concept of the God/ faith and religion itself´( Christian, Muslim, Judaism, Hindu, Buddhism, etc...) is not even closer related to the churches (catholic, evangelic, orthodox, Protestant...etc...) and if you'll be talking about politics and governments well it's always about the corruption of the institutions/churches/ministries etc and not about the concept/the Idea of God. Ideas stand forever, not institutions. And the idea of God: God is the Greatest and so He's so much bigger than any church. And because He's the Greatest, the Purest, the Wisest, above a human's impossibility /limitness, we humans try to be God? We are not even 1,9999999% closer, cos we know nothing, we're always learning about the things. So when you try to defend the position of being dogmatic and sheep and bla bla bla well if you're tryin' to find something through your trip or someth', or «the truth»or God,were you thinking about having a spiritual thing, trying to reach the same God's pureness? Yeah because aren't we trying to better ourselves for good, and not for bad. Don't we like the beautiful spot and not the ugly one, don't we prefer the eclectic to the vulgar? Don't we respect better those who are clean, or never try the crack hard ones. So give me some purity, some model, Jesus! You know people don't need to pronounce Jesus in each sentence they made, but just believe and care and do real good for others.

And finally do you want an alternative way to access your «third eye»? not really? well there's yoga too, and mediation...

Look: http://

"Guess what? You have a third eye.Yep, even if you don't wear a bindi between your eyebrows or believe in the presence of the sixth chakra, you still have one.

I'll prove it to you: Just take out your brain. Slice it in half-lengthwise. Push aside the thalamus and there it is, nestled in behind the third cerebral ventricle and sitting right above the superior colliculus. Your third eye, also known as the pineal gland. It is the only structure of the brain that doesn't exist as a pair....In fact there are studies proving that meditation triggers the pineal gland to produce melatonin, creating the relaxed state of sleep in an awake brain. Blood pressure lowers, the heart rate decreases, breathing slows. In our chaotic and hyperactive world, this seems like a necessary coping mechanism".

You're over-analyzing. | Reviewer: Caden
    ------ About the song Lateralus performed by Tool

I don't know the meaning of this song definitely, but I believe this is about any song out there. People over-think and over-analyze songs with deeper meanings. Maynard is saying that you should just "witness the beauty" of a song and make it mean whatever will "bewilder" us. If we do what he's saying any song could have "infinite possibilities" for its meaning. We need to "spiral out" and not live in a boxed idea of a song. What do you want it to mean? If we do this, we can make a song our own and make it go "where no one's been".

Whatever you want it to be | Reviewer: Johnny
    ------ About the song Part Of Me performed by Tool

Lyrics are whatever anyone wants them to be. Who cares what he meant. He has a way of combining words to mean whatever you want! That is his genius. He has a million mataphores in his head!

It could be about anything | Reviewer: Archer Back
    ------ About the song Pushit performed by Tool

This song could be about anything. an abusive relationship, an abusive parent...i think its about an abusive relationship and one part of the party is afraid to love in fear he shouldn't have to live in i tear your fucking throat away, that fear of leaving leads them to believe the only way out was to kill them. its music it tells a story use your creative mind together with yours to paint the picture. MAYNARD JAMES KEENAN IS A BEAST!

Feelings? | Reviewer: Grivies
    ------ About the song Swamp Song performed by Tool

My subjective view over this lyrics:

The song is about a person that mess with your feelings. No matter if a loving or hating person. The 'swamp' is the mind of the person that get confronted with feelings like Love or Hate. He tells the 'invader' to get out, to just leave him alone. The person that loves/hates him does not stop. At the end, no matter who annoyed his mind so much, get hurted. Badly. The person that the song is about warned them often enough.

theres nothing about religion in this song | Reviewer: david
    ------ About the song Right in Two performed by Tool

here your all doing what this song is talking about.. divided to religions when theres one god for all mankind.. we have it all and we stupidly bound to divide it right in two..

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