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Danny grew up in Paola, KS. Relatively normal, an element
of mystery was added to Danny's childhood when one day he
spied his father with a large sword conducting a Masonic
ritual. Danny would later notice himself performing similar
movements when he began playing drums at the age of
thirteen. As Danny progressed through high school and then
college at the University of Missouri in Kansas City he
began supplementing his studies in percussion with
speculation into the principles of geometry, science, and
metaphysics. A commitment to More...

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Review about Tool songs
seems obvious | Reviewer: Eric
    ------ About the song Bottom performed by Tool

It's about losing your essence by trying to live up to somebody else's expectations. This makes you unattractive to the other person and also to yourself because the new way of being is misguided and just aimlessly one person's hope at reuniting with somebody.

This kind of relationship is damaging and will destroy anybody who wishes to continue in it.

In this stage Tool was more about expressing these obscure feelings with passion and rage. After that their songs had similar subjects but with completely different views... Less anger and more personal empowerment.

Basically it's about hitting rock-bottom and building yourself back up into something valuable.

reflection | Reviewer: mike
    ------ About the song Reflection performed by Tool

in my opinion this song is a summary of the entire album (depression)#1 the grudge, a hatred a grudge let it go!, #2 the patient, excepting there is a problem, becoming the patient. #3 schism the impact on others especially a lover, partner, wife. #4 parabol/parabola an awakening to spirituality (not a religion)#6 ticks and leeches, fuck this shit! #7 lateralus an exceptance of self. #7 ... .... ...

    ------ About the song Intension performed by Tool

I just wanted to make you notice how as the songs goes on, time goes forward, in fact we begin with the good and bad chooses with rocks (the beginning of human beings) then the fire and then in the last couple of minutes we have this sounds that reminds some machinery or some technology, recalling today or maybe the future. Also I wanted to say that this track is connected to the next "right in two" where humans' choices brings them to war. Thanks for the attention and sorry for my English.

weird interpretation | Reviewer: sadegh
    ------ About the song Bottom performed by Tool

I can't stop thinking about a man who wants to overcome his fear of using public toilet when listening to this song. I know it's silly but it adds up.
"Compassion is broken now,
my will is eroded now,
desire it is broken now,
and it makes me feel ugly.
I'm on my knees and burnin'
my piss and moans are the fuel that sets my head on fire
so smell my soul is burnin'"
he got a lot of shit inside of him that his will to hold it inside is eroded and thinking of using public toilet make him feel ugly. his head is on fire because he has piss inside of him and he thinks he smells..
"and i have swallowed the poisons you feed me,
but I've survived on the poison you feed me,"
I think he has some sort of food poisoning or something
"shit adds up, shit adds up, shit adds up, shit adds up at the bottom"
the meaning is obvious!
"there's no choice but to confront you, to engage you, to erase you."
he needs to confront his fear and engage in the act of shiting and then clean himself up
"I've gone to great lengths to expand my threshold of pain
I will use my mistakes against you, there's no other choice"
he had some sort of constipation before or he had shit himself before and he doesn't want that to happen again.
"im naked and fearless
and my fear is naked"
he's naked now and he's afraid but he's keeping on
and so on
I don't know but I feel on some level maynard knew about this interpretation and put this side meaning in this song as a joke..

Feeling | Reviewer: AnericanXD
    ------ About the song Swamp Song performed by Tool

Like each one of us in this page know, tool's songs change of meaning depending on who listens the song and the moment in each person's life. So, for me, it's about a person who's giving he's opinion in a mess where no one asks for it.
For other person may be about a person who doesn't listens the warning about drugs... Am I wrong?

infinite exsistence | Reviewer: glen
    ------ About the song Third Eye performed by Tool

there music is extremely expansive my common interest is life after death I have no religion origin so I open to new and different thought. although Ive had a few spiritual experances previous to tool and a couple since listening anything possible

one more opinion | Reviewer: Zheydhan
    ------ About the song Jambi performed by Tool

about interpretation: you can`t come with an idea for a meaning of somethig that does not appear in the lyrics "benebolent sun -> benebolent son -> Jesus!!" (i read this in another review by the way), the Tool`s lyrics aro so awesome because they are a riddle, everyone tha wants to understand them has to experience a lot of thing and not speculate, quite your mind and silence its an art, all those who try to give a meaning that differs from what is textual and the meaning of other people it like a thief, wanting to keep for his own something that does not belong to him, wanting to satisfy themselves for finding the truth, the truth does not belong to anyone in special, its for everyone the same

Regard to everyone that come so far in the comments and rewiews...

not actually that deep | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cold and Ugly performed by Tool

this song is clearly about a prostitute, and some sort of altercation where the speaker is identifying with the prostitute as he uses her services. It's not so philosophically deep as it is emotionally deep.

My interpretation | Reviewer: Gage Wells
    ------ About the song Right in Two performed by Tool

This song says "why did father give these humans free will?"
It talks about angels on the sidline watching us "Monkeys" fight and kill each other watching it all go downhill.
Gotta divide it all right in two basically means keeping these monkeys away from each other so they will not fight over pieces of ground no longer.
That is a simple interpretation.

Cmon | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Grudge performed by Tool

Saturn is the goddess of love. He is talking about his first wifes affair and how he cant let go of it. He holds the grudge and wears it like a crown, making him feel like he can be in control of who he lets in to that point again, and he wont let anyone go beyond a certain point. Saturn being the goddess of love coming around are opportunities in which he can continue to hold on to his grude or let it go and grow.

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