Tool Albums

  • 10,000 Days Album (5/2/2006)
    Wings For Marie (Pt. 1)
    10,000 Days (Pt. 2)
    The Pot
    Lipan Conjuring
    Lost Keys (Blame Hofman)
    Rosetta Stoned
    Right In Two
    Viginti Tres

  • Lateralus Album (5/15/2001)
    The Grudge
    Eon Blue Apocalypse
    The Patient
    Ticks and Leeches
    Faaip de Oiad

  • Salival Album (12/12/2000)
    Maynard's Dick
    Message to Harry Manback II
    No Quarter
    Part Of Me
    Third Eye
    You Lied (Live)

  • Aenima Album (10/1/1996)
    Useful Idiot
    Forty-Six & 2
    Message to Harry Manback
    Hooker with a Penis
    Die Eier Von Satan
    Cesaro Summability
    (-) ions
    Third Eye

  • Undertow Album (5/1/1993)
  • Opiate Album (5/1/1992)

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    Reviews about Tool albums
    Aenima | Reviewer: reg LeClaire
        ------ About the album Aenima performed by Tool

    I've seen A LOT of bands over the years, from The Sones to Springsteen to U2 but TOOL stands out in a special way. The album, Aenima is by far my favourite, Lateralus is pretty damn good too. On Aenima, the guys take a really nice subtle "in your face" approach to what they're trying to communicate. I know we've all been fooled before by what we have perceived as "deep" meaningful lyrics only to have the artist who wrote them tell us that he/she has no idea what he/she meant (funny!) Don't just call me Methodist, try to read between the lines. I can't imagine why you wouldn't welcome any change my friend....Anyway, we all infer different things from lyrics and music but this album is a fantastic blend of music from their peers, the Pink Floyds, The Metallicas, the Neil Young (Crazy Horses), etc....great sh (tuff).

    Ænima album | Reviewer: zumer7
        ------ About the album Aenima performed by Tool

    this album is my favorite by tool, I like every song, and I stand to agree with Maynard lyrically. I am a guitarist, and I know how to play most of the songs on this album.
    Tool, saying you did a good job would be a lie.
    You did a Fucking miraculous job, and I like justin's bass style more than Paul's, so try not to lose him.
    Oh, that was nothing against paul, considering he helped create half of this album, I just like Justin more.

    Without a Doubt | Reviewer: Agent M.
        ------ About the album Lateralus performed by Tool

    I recently got this album, it took me a while.. i know.. ive just been awfully lazyy, and i was amazeeed by the shear Mesmerizing capability of these songs, this album is without a doubt the most amazing effort by tool. well done i say (y)

    Undertow Review | Reviewer: Jason
        ------ About the album Undertow performed by Tool

    This cd is simply amazing. It shall remain the best Tool cd. Its the hardest cd when not compared to Opiate. Swamp Song, Sober, and Bottom are all really great songs from this cd. Overall I highly recommend this cd and I give it a 5 out of 5.

    toolpusher | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Aenima performed by Tool

    i picked this album up in 96, drawn by the bizzare mix of music, lyrics and images found in their videos---today this release still stands for me as some of the most significant music of the past ten years-----every single, every note and every lyric---masterfully created to cast chaos and question on all of our beliefs and our perceptions----critical of the world in which we live and that which we hold as important or sacred----this is the kind of musical experience that a lot of a lot of high places, could benefit from...and the sooner...the better.

    They've done it again | Reviewer: Jasmine
        ------ About the album 10,000 Days performed by Tool

    What else can I say? Except that they've managed to do it again. Avid TOOL fans will not be disappointed with 10,000 Days. This album seems to be a continuation of Lateralus, however has evolved into it's own form.

    ok, not the best but... | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Undertow performed by Tool

    this album is not as good as aenima or lateralus but its brilliant in its own little way, unfortunatly paul d'amour's best work was on opiate but its still good

    all will die who oppose tool

    what a start | Reviewer: Chuckles
        ------ About the album Opiate performed by Tool

    what can i say? what can i say? the songs are brilliant even though they only show a small fraction of their genius and talent
    all will die who oppose tool

    Aenima | Reviewer: Chuckles
        ------ About the album Aenima performed by Tool

    with paul d'amour leaving the band in 1995, it looked like tool would never be the same, they wouldnt this is their most acclaimed album to date, with bass guitarist justin chancellor coming in, they had improved everything about themsleves musically, sound collages in songs like useful idiot they had shown even more talent, i know none of you give 2 shits about what im sayin so ill by saying if undertow, is given 5 stars out of 5, aenima get 7 stars out of 5 at least
    tool rock

    surely their best album | Reviewer: Chuckles
        ------ About the album Lateralus performed by Tool

    this album is for the lack of a better word unbelievable, absaloutly brilliant throughout its hard to imagine someone badmouthing this album if theyre tool fans i dont think i need to explain why this album is so good you should have listened to it by now

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