Too Short Albums

  • History: Function Music Album (11/6/2012)
    This Shit Pound
    Slide Through
    Smoke That Shit
    Let's Have A Party
    Dump Truck
    Bout My Money
    Say I
    Workin' the Trunk
    West Coast Shit
    One Foot
    Check That Bitch
    Lemme See You Twerk

  • No Trespassing Album (2/28/2012)
    What The Fuck
    Got Her Like
    Playa Fo Life
    Trying To Come Up
    Cush Cologne
    The Magazine
    I Got Caught
    I'm A Stop
    Hog Ridin'
    Porno Bitch
    Shut Up Nancy
    Money on the Floor
    Double Header
    Respect The Pimpin'
    Ba Boom Cha

  • Respect The Pimpin' Album (12/14/2010)
    Bitch I'm A Pimp
    Respect The Pimpin'
    That's Not Your Bitch
    Get Ya Money
    Ya'll Ready
    Bitches Need Love Too

  • Still Blowin' Album (4/6/2010)
    Maggot Brain
    I'm Gone
    I Want That
    Fed Up
    Player Card
    Still Blowin'
    All For Love
    I'm A Pimp
    Checking My Hoes
    Lil' Shorty
    International Player
    Porno Bitch

  • Pimpin' Inc. Album (4/1/2008)
  • Get Off The Stage Album (12/4/2007)
  • Blow The Whistle Album (8/29/2006)
  • Married To The Game Album (10/21/2003)
  • What's My Favorite Word? Album (9/10/2002)
  • Chase The Cat Album (11/20/2001)
  • You Nasty Album (9/26/2000)
  • Can't Stay Away Album (7/13/1999)
  • Gettin' It Album (6/18/1996)
  • Cocktails Album (1/24/1995)
  • Get In Where You Fit In Album (10/23/1993)
  • Shorty The Pimp Album (7/14/1992)
  • Short Dog's In The House Album (8/1/1990)
  • Life Is...Too Short Album (1/31/1989)
  • Born To Mack Album (7/20/1987)
  • Raw, Uncut And X-Rated Album (7/1/1986)
  • Players Album (7/1/1985)
  • Don't Stop Rappin' Album (7/1/1983)

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