Too Phat Albums

  • 360° Album (2/26/2003)
    Story That Must Be Told (Intro)
    Just A Lil' Bit
    Tell Shorty
    Nasty Girl
    Walk With Me
    Ala Canggung (Do You Wanna Have Party?)
    Worda Wordee Wordoo
    Global Mic Infinite (Skit)
    6 MC's
    I Wanna Break (Shoutout Interlude)
    I Wanna Break
    Where My Love At?
    Ali Baba & The Mic Thieves
    If I Die Tonight
    Just A Lil' Bit (Remix)
    Me & You

  • Plan B Album (11/27/2001)
    Skoo an Intro/Boogie Down
    Anak Ay Am (Freak to the Beat)
    Emcee (Interlude)
    Just a Friend
    Wanna Battle?
    DJ (Interlude)
    Camelia Skit
    What You Want?
    It's on You
    Who Wants to Be an Illionaire? (Skit)
    B.Boy (Interlude)
    Get Stoopid
    Jezzebelle [Remix]
    Graffiti (Interlude)

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