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Last updated: 01/08/2004 09:26:29 PM

Sensational Hip-Hop Duo Release Stunning Album

February 26, 2003 - Kuala Lumpur.Too Phat, Malaysia's premier hip-hop act, released their new album, titled 360°, to an enthusiastic nationwide response today. The initial shipment of 10,000 units have been flying off the shelves in record stores everywhere and record label Positive Tone/EMI has been working around the clock to keep up with the demand.

"360° is a very very hot-selling title," said Rachel Woon, Assistant Manager, Marketing, of Tower Records Malaysia. "We have had massive interest from the fans for the album since last month!"

This is an encouraging statement for the record industry in times when the industry is facing some of its lowest points in its history and its bleakest future in years.

"We are so excited with this new album," said Darren Choy, managing director of EMI Malaysia. "It's great that we have an act that adds some excitement back to the music scene. It's great for everyone!"

360° is a 17-track album of excellent production and brings Malaysian hip-hop to an even newer level. Malique and Joe Flizzow, the two members of Too Phat, did not disappoint on this new album, their third outing.

"I think 360° is our best album so far," said Joe Flizzow. "I am very proud of this album. It is a complete album as it has great club tracks, real underground tracks, tracks for radio, R&B-influenced tracks and even some surprises thrown in. We are very happy with the results."

360° also boasts some pretty outstanding collaborations with international artists, the most notable being the collaboration on 'Just A Lil' Bit' featuring Warren G, one of the pioneers of G-funk and a legendary hip-hop icon. 'Just A Lil' Bit' is the first single off the new album and is receiving massive airplay across the nation. The single is causing major excitement amongst local hip-hop fans, some who still can't believe that Warren G is featured in Too Phat's new album.

'Just A Lil' Bit" is an infectious track that was produced in Malaysia by Qumran with special remixes done by Eka Shereen/Damian Shortysoul and Illegal. The track was then sent to the USA for Warren G's recording. The current version heard on radio now is the remix version by Eka Shereen & Damian Shortysoul.

Warren G was quite impressed by Too Phat. "Warren G and G-Funk supports Too Phat all the way," said Warren G, who has just finished shooting his part in the upcoming music video. The rest of the music video, partly sponsored by Sprite, will be shot in Malaysia by Peter Chin of Shiroku Productions, who also directed the famous 'Anak Ayam (Freak To The Beat)' music video.

"We've got other international collaborations on this album which we are also very excited about," said Malique, the other half of Too Phat. "Of course the Warren G collaboration is awesome but there are also a lot of underground MCs around the world that are featured in the album. This gives 360° a strong international feel to it."

Also featured in the album are Promoe of Loop Troop from Sweden, Vandal of SMC from Canada, Freestyle from Brooklyn, US and Weapon X from Australia. The street buzz is hot with regards to the featured underground hip-hop artists and this buzz has even extended to the countries where the artists came from as well.

One look at the vibrant Too Phat website and you can see the interest in the album and the collaborations from all over the world.

"It was hard work getting the international artists together," said Paul Moss, A&R Director of Positive Tone, Too Phat's label. "But when it was all over, the effort was worth it. We've got a work of art here."

Besides international collaborations, 360° also features exciting collaborations with Malaysian recording stars including Yasin, Ruffedge, V.E., Phlowtron, Noreen of Muchachaz, Quotatzn, Lah of VE, Liyana and Lil' Marissa.

A lot of buzz has been created with 'Alhamdullillah', the track featuring Yasin. The track is an excellent combination of Yasin's vocal stylings and Too Phat's infectious beats and looks like a potentially strong single.

Another interesting track is 'Tell Shorty' which features Ruffedge and V.E. The track is a remake of "Tell Laura I Love Her". However, when Ruffedge and V.E. rerecorded the choruses, the melody takes on an entirely new meaning and is put in a more contemporary setting.

A much-talked about single is 'Ala Canggung' which has Too Phat once again working with traditional/folk music and mixing it with an infectious beat and clever rhymes. 'Ala Canggung' even has Too Phat doing a Malay rap in the last verses. This is yet another breakthrough for the duo.

Another highlight is 'If I Die Tonight' which features Liyana on vocals. The song was the last one to be recorded for the album and is dedicated to a very close friend who passed away very recently. Very honest and meaningful rhymes are mixed with a clever and sparse guitar arrangement.

Joe Flizzow and Malique took production control of the entire album but also worked closely with other producers like Qumran, DJ T-Bone, Damian Shortysoul, Illegal, Illsteez and Eka Shereen. The album was recorded almost entirely in Playtime Studios and Haze World Studios. Warren G recorded at NRG Recording in LA, California, USA.

360° was released in Malaysia on February 26, 2003. A special rhyme book has been included as an added bonus for CD purchases.

360° will be released in March in Indonesia and Singapore. Indonesia and the Philippines have also confirmed a tour for Too Phat in May 2003.

"360° is great for Malaysian music," said Ahmad Izham Omar, head honcho of Positive Tone. "This is the best opportunity we have had so far to try and introduce Malaysian music to the world market. Let's all give our support for Too Phat and wish them success in the international arena."