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Eagles Too Many Hands Lyrics

Last updated: 04/26/2010 11:00:00 AM

She's one of a kind
Sometimes hard to find
Like a rainbow
Well, she's lost all her glory
And could tell you some stories
That we all should know

And there's too many hands
Being laid on her
Too many eyes will never see
That it's dragging her down
But you won't hear a sound as
She turns 'round

Her beauty all aflight
It always seems to turn the tide
At midnight

And for her there is no rest
We are doing what is best
For our future

One of these days she may not
Be so good to you

One of these days she might
Shake you to the ground
But her fire is still
And her heart is still yearning
To be found

Too many hands
Being laid on her
Too many eyes will never see
That it's dragging her down
Still you won't hear a sound as
She turns 'round

Too many hands...ahhh... (x2)

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Another little heard but hidden gem | Reviewer: Jed Price | 4/25/10

I agree entirely with the previous reviewers. I say to people who claim that The Eagles were massively overrated (usually based on a knowledge of their top 40 hits) to go back and listen to album songs such as this, absolute nuggets of excellence from an exceptionally talented group of musicians and songwriters.

Good 'n Cryptic | Reviewer: Painkiller | 12/21/06

I just heard this song on the radio, and recognized it immediately as one of the Eagles tunes I grew up on, but which I've not heard since I was a kid. Great stuff, especially the vocals. I also like the cryptic lyrics. Somehow all of the sentences in the song have something to do with each other, but I've found it difficult to tell what it's ultimately supposed to be about. Usually, I can pretty quickly figure that kind of stuff out, and I appreciate the fact that this song is (at least for me) pretty stubborn. But if someone has a suggestion, I'd love to hear it.

Early signs of things to come | Reviewer: Ken-Bob | 4/5/06

Too Many Hands showed an early hint of the California rock sound that would eventually lead the Eagles to topping all other acts of the 1970's. The combination of acoustic and electric guitars, Randy Miesner's lead vocal and the signature Eagles harmonies make this song one of the best kept secrets in the entire Eagles collection. Play this for someone unsuspecting and a "Who is that?" will surely follow.