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Marshall Crenshaw Tonight Lyrics

Last updated: 11/14/2001 09:48:53 PM

(R. Tyner, W. Kramer, F. Smith)
Motor City Music, Cotillion Music (BMI)

Sittin' in the classroom feel your heart thumpin'
start to get the feelin'
your head begins to reel n'
you can't hear what the teacher say
because the news is going down
'bout the rock and roll band in town
and you know you just gotta hear that band play
Tonight (tonight), tonight (tonight), tonight (tonight)
Oh tonight
On Tuesday comes a letter
well the army thinks I better
get myself down there right away
Well it's not that I'm lazy
but I'm just too crazy
to go do things that way
'cause the kids will be in town and the jams are goin' down
gotta do things the natural way
Tonight (tonight), tonight (tonight), tonight (tonight)
Oh tonight
Everyday, gonna hear them say
gonna get down in the USA tonight
OK's rockin' time!!
Everyday, gonna hear them say
gonna get down in the USA tonight
The sun starts goin' down
call my girl up on the phone
said I'll pick you up at 8
at last we'll be alone
I hop in my machine
you know I've gotta make the scene
but I'm dancin' to the ground
there's people going wild
when the band's really rockin' and there's no stoppin'
the room begins to whirl
the room begins to twirl
It's outta this world
it's outta this world
Tonight (tonight), tonight (tonight), tonight (tonight)
Oh tonight
And then the man on the record says 'hey now everybody
I gotta get movin', I gotta go downtown and hustle me up
some ACK-shun' Oh well I'll see you all later...
Well bye bye

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