Tonight Alive Lyrics

It's an unlikely tale. Rising from the fevered hotbed of
Sydney, Australia's underground hardcore scene, boy meets
girl. Or rather, two boys meet girl to make kick-ass rock

Try to keep up - the story goes something like this...

Guitarist Whakaio Taahi and his compadre bass player,
Cameron Adler, needed a frontman for a rock project. Scrap
that. Frontwoman. Enter ingenue-with-attitude, Jenna
McDougall - as soon as the sixteen-year-old songstress'
soaring contralto and sweet strains took the mic to their
songs, something clicked. Already onboard, rhythm axeman
Jake Hardy and More...

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Review about Tonight Alive songs
wrong lyrics | Reviewer: Charlie m
    ------ About the song Thank You And Goodnight performed by Tonight Alive

The order of the verse is messed up. It says your egos salting the game in the first verse, not second. And in the second it says "I gotta chill here" not "im getting bored here"

Thus song means a lot | Reviewer: H
    ------ About the song Amelia performed by Tonight Alive

My friend was amazing. He never failed to make anyone smile and the whole of our year loved him. He was always smiling, always so lively and cheerful.

He died 21/12/12 from heat exaustion in Australia when he was on holiday visiting his dad. Instead if the expected apocalypse posts, My facebook is full of RIPs. From the nerds and the outcasts to the Cheerleaders and the Jocks, we all loved him and we will all miss him.

His death was a tragic accident but it has brought a school together in grieving. At the moment there's no bullying, no laughing and pointing, no fighting, no bitching and no hate. Right now we're all crying on each other's shoulders because this boy is nolonger here.

In particular, I have known him fir many years and I have many fun memories with him. This horrific thing has taken a toll on us all and no-one has held back the tears.

This song means so much to me right now and it's helping me through all this shit.

We will miss you buddy, Our hearts will never forget you x

RIP Euan

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