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Pink Tonight's The Night Lyrics

Last updated: 10/28/2003 10:35:56 PM

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Well, tonight's the night
I'm gonna get it right,
gonna hit the scene with my friends.

Tonight's the night
I'ma feel alright,
feel alright again.

Tonight's the night
I'm gonna do what I gotta do
to get out of here.

Tonight's the night
I'ma feel alright,
feel alright again.

(verse 1)
Bought myself a quick cheep ticket
lookin for a brand new scene.
Gotta get the hell outta Hollywood,
Cuz everyday is Halloween.

Hit the town with brass knuckles
while all the good people stare.
I hope I don't end up in jail.
But then again I don't really care.


(verse 2)
I think it's time to have some fun.
Now what am I goin to wear?
Where we gonna go?
And whos gonna do my hair?

Got these hot ass boots
But ain't got nothin to do.
Somebody better give me some gas money
or we'll be sittin here like fools.


I'm leavin today.
I'm goin far, far, far, away.
Got no reason to stay.
Cuz I wanna play.
So can you hang?
it's gonna be all night...yeah


repeat verse 1


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