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(Courtesy of Tonic-Online) In following up their platinum
smash, Lemon Parade, Tonic's Emerson Hart, Jeff Russo, and
Dan Lavery wanted more than anything to keep their new
material simple. "We tried really hard not to overreach on
the new stuff," says Hart. "We realized that we're a
guitar band, plain and simple. That's how we started and
we wanted to stay true to that."

Sugar, the LA-based trio's second studio album in three
years, isn't so much simple as simply stunning. The record
finds the band More...

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Reviews about Tonic songs

Tonic Lives On | Reviewer: ibleedamerican2
    ------ About the song Head On Straight performed by Tonic

I'm glad this band is back together. I loved Emerson Hart's solo record but, i've still been craving a new Tonic record. I grabbed the Greatest Hits when it came out. I always woinder how much of his songs are personal.

If You Could Only See inter[retation | Reviewer: Derrick
    ------ About the song IF YOU COULD ONLY SEE performed by Tonic

I think i know wat its about...its about a guy who is with a girl who treats him like shit but he dont wanna let her go...i think these lyrics in particular say in perfectly..

"And you got to take a little dirt
To keep what you love
That's what you gotta do"

Sayin' you love but you don't
You give your love but you won't
You're stretching out your arms to something that's just not there

The singer told me... | Reviewer: emma
    ------ About the song IF YOU COULD ONLY SEE performed by Tonic

OK, guys...having met and spoke to Emerson many years back...the song was written to his mother about the woman he wanted to marry. His mum didn't approve...even refused to come to the wedding. Turned out she was right and they divorced shortly after.

Wonderful | Reviewer: Jenn
    ------ About the song LEMON PARADE performed by Tonic

My best friend died in a car accident in 1997 and this was one of her favorite songs and bands. I played the disc after her death and one night shortly after she passed, the song itself played over and over. I took it as a sign that she was still with me.

Great song. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Irish performed by Tonic

It's kind of tragic if you think about it, but at the same time you can't help but smile when you hear it. The anger, the defiance. All in all, a very nice song.

I see this song differently... | Reviewer: Renee
    ------ About the song IF YOU COULD ONLY SEE performed by Tonic

I heard this song a million times but for some reason Ive just recently listened to the words and now love it even more...a little confused, their could be different senarios, but mine is leaning more toward...this guy has a girlfriend who is cold and realy doesnt love him the way he wants to be loved...He is actually singing the song to the girlfriend, however, there is another girl in the picture that really shows him real love...he is trying to explain to his girlfriend how this other girl really loves him and if she could see them together and how this other girl looks at him, then the girlfriend would understand how 2 people in love should be...seems im the only one with this view. Love the song! Cant get it out of my head!

confused | Reviewer: nicole
    ------ About the song IF YOU COULD ONLY SEE performed by Tonic

a guy told me to listen to this song, its a game we play to tell eachother how we feel but to me it seems like hes telling me I manipulate him, tell him I love him, but I dont I hold back,and Im reaching out my arms for something thats not there, does that mean he doesnt love me back?

From your focus point | Reviewer: steve
    ------ About the song IF YOU COULD ONLY SEE performed by Tonic

I interpret this song as if a guy was talking to his buddy. The friend allows joking about how he is tied down and can leave, Maybe whipped. But the man knows betters, he is in love and maybe its not true, but he knows his friend is a capible of giving true love.

I believe poeple interpret songs to fit their life and tribulations. its interesting to read the comments..

FYI, I am the friend..

Good song | Reviewer: Arb
    ------ About the song IF YOU COULD ONLY SEE performed by Tonic

I think it has more to do with a second lover. Similar to "Witchy Woman" or "On the Other Hand".

He loves his girl and he is telling his seductress he has to say goodbye because his girls love is apparent and deep where the seductress only offers him sex and nothing more.

Just my two cents.

I agree with Trish | Reviewer: Tek
    ------ About the song IF YOU COULD ONLY SEE performed by Tonic

there have been points in my life where youre friends or anyone doesnt like the person youre dating. it even rubs off on you a little. she's sad when she says she loves him because she knows of all the other bullshit surrounding him.

yes, it seems like part of the song is meant to be sung to her, while other parts are meant to be sung to the singer himself. good stuff

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