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Of all the "outlaw" singers of the mid-'70s, Tompall Glaser
was the one who most exploited his newfound moniker. He
even titled one album The Great Tompall and His Outlaw
Band, which brazenly featured a huge picture of him, shirt
unbuttoned halfway down his chest, on the cover. It's
ironic, then, that even though he had numerous chart
records alone and with his brothers, Chuck and Jim, into
the 1980s, he's the least remembered of the four artists —
Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Jessi Colter, and himself —
who were packaged together More...

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Review about Tompall Glaser songs
Glaser didn't write this song | Reviewer: Duane
    ------ About the song Put Another Log on the Fire performed by Tompall Glaser

Glaser performed this song, but it was written by famed poet, songwriter and children's book author, Shel Silverstein, who also wrote "The Unicorn" for the Irish Rovers, "Boy Named Sue" for Johnny Cash, and nearly everything Dr. Hook and the Medicine show ever recorded.

Apology for harsh Review of "Gone Girl".. | Reviewer: Sharon Heffner
    ------ About the song Gone Girl performed by Tompall Glaser

Tompall & The Glaser Brothers sang "Gone Girl" better than any other group or individual that l have ever heard. I was a foolish 20 yr old girl when l first heard them perform it on person in Raleigh,NC. I met Tompall and he swept me off my feet and l got to know him for a time and l know now that he probably told a lot of girls that he wrote that song for them. I am afraid that l fell hopelessly in love with him and therefore l gave the song a bad review. Tompall is no longer here for me to say l am sorry but maybe his brothers can see and accept my apology..l will always love the song and The fabulous Glaser Brothers. Tompall Glaser was a multi-talented person singer/songwriter/producer/musician and l should not have been so harsh to review his song the way l did. He was and always will be "The Great Tompall" in this North Carolina gals book...Thank you for giving me the chance to right this wrong..RIP Tompall, l will always love you......

Gone Girl | Reviewer: Sharon Heffner
    ------ About the song Gone Girl performed by Tompall Glaser

Hello, l feel that l must retract my previous review of the song Gone Girl. I made the statement that it was the best song that Tompall Glaser had ever written. But, l find out many years later that he just told me & my friends that he wrote it. I find that Jack Clement is the real writer. I hate the song now. This has destroyed my faith in this singer/songwriter. I would have to see his name on the music to believe that he wrote anything. Thank you for allowing me to review this song from 1970..........

title of artist on record | Reviewer: Sharon Heffner
    ------ About the song Gone Girl performed by Tompall Glaser

Today on facebook, there is an error going around about the person who wrote the song "Gone Girl". It is being said that the name of the writer on the record is Jack Clement. But l know that Tompall glaser is the real writer of "Gone Girl" so shouldn't a correction be in order....Thank you!

Best of the Best songs he has written | Reviewer: Sharon Heffner
    ------ About the song Gone Girl performed by Tompall Glaser

I think the song "Gone Girl" is the absolute best & prettiest song that Tompall glaser has ever written. It has a wonderful beat and arrangement and it is a cheery, happy song. The girl that he wrote this song about must have been someone really special to him. I love it! I know that it is very special to me.......

Beautiful song | Reviewer: Sharon Heffner
    ------ About the song Girl Like You performed by Tompall Glaser

This is one of my favorite songs written by The Great Tompall glaser. This song certainly tugs at my heartstrings. All l can say is the girl that he wrote this song about must have meant an awful lot to him. She was a very lucky girl. I love this song & l will never get tired of hearing it. I imagine him singing it to me. He has such a gorgeous voice & he takes my breath away when he sings these beautiful love songs. I want to thank him for these wonderful lyrics.

Freedom To Stay by Tompall & the Glaser Brothers | Reviewer: Hoover
    ------ About the song Freedom To Stay performed by Tompall Glaser

Tompall, Chuck and Jim Glaser were the first to record this outlaw ballad about a guy who ties his bandana, takes his pack from the floor, and is about to walk out on his true love as she lies sleeping -- only to realize that what he's searching for is what he already has. The song was covered famously by Waylon Jennings and Tina Turner, as well as others. Tompall, Waylon and Tina all sing it correctly: "...So why keep on runnin' just to wish on a star?..." which makes sense. But the lyrics read, "...So I keep on runnin' just to wish on a star," which doesn't make sense, especially considering the guy has just come to the understanding that he no longer needs to be running at all.

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