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Blue October Tomorrow Lyrics

Last updated: 05/07/2006 11:00:00 AM

I'm gonna find a way to die
I'm living only for a lover
And the death of you and I
But if you find a way to break my back
With needles, thread, and guilt
Will you cover me in kerosene
And burn my strychnine quilt
Yeah, will you spit upon the path I took
Will you cry from all the drugs I took
Will be my little come down hook
And I'll never ask again
Will I wake up feeling half of you
Has been striped or torn in two
To kill a young man's point of view
Is to kill his only friend
Oh, oh

We're gonna find a place to live
I'm packing only means for red wood dreams
It's a place that you'll be excepted
Oh fuck the world
Just a boy and a girl
But it's that leach you'll have to shake
Through the love we'll need to make
Call me sure
Yeah I'm sure I said
I said I'm open wide
But you really have to understand
We'll build a water slide
If you're brave enough to hold my hand
Oh, oh

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Blue october | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/2007

Blue october isnt all about "hate me" like brenden had said. It's prob. the only CD i can listen too over and over again wit out skipping songs. they are inspiring songs,it has some sort of meaning too all in each song. The Soiled CD is by far my fav. cd and will stay that way for quite some time is sybolizes everything i have gone through and still going through with my relationship so it means alot too me becuase he is my world. Thank you blue october.

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