Tom Waits Albums

  • Bad As Me Album (10/21/2011)
    Raised Right Men
    Talking At The Same Time
    Get Lost
    Face To The Highway
    Pay Me
    Back In The Crowd
    Bad As Me
    Kiss Me
    Last Leaf
    Hell Broke Luce
    New Year's Eve
    Tell Me

  • Orphans: Disc 1 - Brawlers Album (11/20/2006)
    Lie To Me
    Fish In The Jailhouse
    Bottom Of The World
    Ain't Goin' Down To The Well
    Lord I've Been Changed
    Puttin' On The Dog
    Road To Peace
    All The Time
    The Return Of Jackie And Judy
    Walk Away
    Sea Of Love
    Buzz Fledderjohn
    Rains On Me

  • Orphans: Disc 2 - Bawlers Album (11/20/2006)
    Bend Down The Branches
    You Can Never Hold Back Spring
    Long Way Home
    Widow's Grove
    Little Drop Of Poison
    Shiny Things
    The World Keeps Turning
    Tell It To Me
    Never Let Go
    Fannin Street
    Little Man
    It's Over
    If I Have To Go
    Goodnight Irene
    The Fall Of Troy
    Take Care Of All My Children
    Down There By The Train
    Danny Says
    Jayne's Blue Wish
    Young At Heart

  • Orphans: Disc 3 - Bastards Album (11/20/2006)
    What Keeps Mankind Alive
    Children's Story
    Heigh Ho! (The Dwarfs' Marching Song)
    Army Ants
    Books Of Moses
    Two Sisters
    First Kiss
    Dog Door
    Home I'll Never Be
    Poor Little Lamb
    Altar Boy
    The Pontiac
    Spidey's Wild Ride
    King Kong
    On The Road
    Dog Treat
    Missing My Son

  • Real Gone Album (10/5/2004)
  • Alice Album (5/7/2002)
  • Alice (The Original Demos) Album (5/7/2002)
  • Blood Money Album (5/7/2002)
  • Used Songs (1973-1980) Album (10/23/2001)
  • Mule Variations Album (4/27/1999)
  • Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years Album (6/16/1998)
  • The Black Rider Album (11/2/1993)
  • The Early Years, Vol. 2 Album (2/1/1993)
  • Bone Machine Album (8/1/1992)
  • Night on Earth Album (4/1/1992)
  • The Early Years Album (7/1/1991)
  • Big Time Album (10/1/1988)
  • Frank's Wild Years Album (8/1/1987)
  • Rain Dogs Album (8/1/1985)
  • Swordfishtrombones Album (9/1/1983)
  • One from the Heart Album (10/1/1982)
  • Heartattack and Vine Album (9/1/1980)
  • Blue Valentine Album (10/1/1978)
  • Foreign Affairs Album (9/1/1977)
  • Small Change Album (10/1/1976)
  • Nighthawks at the Diner Album (10/1/1975)
  • The Heart of Saturday Night Album (10/1/1974)
  • Closing Time Album (10/1/1973)

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    One of the most emotional | Reviewer: HD
        ------ About the album Closing Time performed by Tom Waits

    there is nothing left to talk about this. It seems to be one of the most emotional and I think this is the best gift that he gave to everyone over the world! Let's begin with 'Ol 55! and close the booklet with Closin' time! this is for ya!

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