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BORN: October 20, 1950, Gainesville, FL

ECHO opens up another new chapter for a group whose body of
work spans three decades. Not many artists can match Tom
Petty And The Heartbreakers' record of 23 years of
commercial success along with a simultaneous period of
creative growth and critical acclaim.

Beyond the recent boxed set Playback, the band's previous
recordings also continue to resonate with Greatest Hits, a
quadruple-platinum album which hasn't left the Billboard
charts once since its release in late 1993. One of the two More...

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Review about Tom Petty songs
Last dance with Mary Jane... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Mary Jane's Last Dance performed by Tom Petty

This is a phenonemal song, and from what I've seen on youtube, great live too! Definitely worth listening to as the last song Stan Lynch played on, and, as quoted by Benmont: "Stan was great, he played his arse off!"

Have Love, Will Travel | Reviewer: Jack
    ------ About the song Have Love, Will Travel performed by Tom Petty

I think that is one of his best songs, a really lovely little song, the melody, the arrangement, the lyrics, everything. There is a wonderful reference to the power of rock and roll, or the music in general:
'They love it like you love Jesus
It does the same thing to their souls'. Pure truth.


One of the best songs ever written. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Louisiana Rain performed by Tom Petty

I am 13, and while my friends at school are listening to music which I simply detest, I still respect their tastes, but the feeling is far from mutual, I find it quite astonishing that they fail to make a nice comment about my tastes. However, this does not offend me in the least as it only strenghthens my view that music is like this song- perfect and their modern rubbish (as they are rude about my tastes why not?)is computarised and I can't understand half the lyrics. Petty doesn't get nearly enough credit for this song- it is simply brilliant!

heartrending truth | Reviewer: Veneficus
    ------ About the song A Woman In Love (It's Not Me) performed by Tom Petty

to me this song feels like its being sung from that part of us that sees all the bad sides of people too late. theres actually a lot of pain in the song, its that moment that you realize that the person you loved and would have done anything for can't stand who you are and doesn't want anything to do with you. theres not so much anger in the lyrics but shock, and the overwhelming reality that the woman will soon face the same treatment from someone else. the warning of that is beautifully incorperated with bitterness, and yet a understanding as well. Tom Petty definitely makes this song real, his amazing voice captures the feelings the lyrics give. the guitar work holds it all together. awesome song, full of dark predictions but without that mean your-gonna-get-yours attitude that so many break-up songs seem to have. way to go Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers!

great but not great | Reviewer: drake d'lacey
    ------ About the song Free Fallin' performed by Tom Petty

the lyrics need to be more put together and they need more of a look that people want to see....but the song brings back so many memories!! My girl and I recently broke up and I play this song all the time when I'm depresed....

Excellent | Reviewer: April Boyer
    ------ About the song Refugee performed by Tom Petty

Tom Petty is a great musician and had a lot of good hits. Of all this has to be my favorite from him. The music is good and the lyrics make it even better. It is one of those songs that can get stuck in your head.

ah-mazing. | Reviewer: jparker
    ------ About the song It's Good To Be King performed by Tom Petty

i just found this song today and i'm OBSESSED! it just solidifies, reminds me why i love him so. these lyrics really remind me of a loved one i had lost back in 2008. gives me butterflies, i can feel the strings of my heart being pulled & i can feel my hands shake when i hear these words...pure brilliance, song, melody, words, everything. i thank him for his gift hes given all of us within his music. gotta love him! :)

What these lyrics mean to me | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Free Fallin' performed by Tom Petty

I've always loved this song. I think it is about breaking up with a sweet person who loves you, and then you drive away and you realize you are happier free than you were with them. But it is still sad because that person is a real, live soul who loved you. I did this once and it stillhaunts me. Great lyrics, and a great scene in Jerry MacGuire when he sings this song in the car after leaving his job.

Lucinda Williams' Song? | Reviewer: Ken
    ------ About the song Damaged By Love performed by Tom Petty

Am I the only person who hears an almost identical song here, to Lucinda Williams' "I Envy the Wind" off her "Essence" CD?

The mood, the chord changes, everything is very, very similar. How come I've never heard anyone comment on the similarities? Don't get me wrong I'm a Tom Petty fan too, just thought the similarities were uncanny.

amazing | Reviewer: nick
    ------ About the song Angel Dream (No. 2) performed by Tom Petty

this song changed my life in a way i was in a real rough stage of my life and i was real stressed about alot of things and this song helped me threw that i don tkno what it was about the song maybe the beat or the words but something just made everything in life seem achievable and ever since then when im stressed i just listen to it and im in a calm mood thank you tom petty for this isnt the only song of yours that puts me in those moods

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