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I'd like to introduce now the featured artist of this page.
I'm sure that you'll all agree without any hesitation that
Tom Lehrer is the most brilliant creative genius that
America has produced in almost 200 years, so perhaps a few
words of biographical background might not be amiss.
Endowed by nature with perhaps the most glorious baritone
voice to be heard on an American stage since the memorable
concert debut in 1835 of Millard Fillmore; endowed also
with twelve incredibly agile fingers; Mr. Lehrer has had a
long and varied career More...

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Review about Tom Lehrer songs
Re: Correction ... | Reviewer: David F
    ------ About the song National Brotherhood Week performed by Tom Lehrer

Marty, I believe the version here is what's on the sheet music. If you heard something different on a recording, it's possible he made a mistake in that particular performance. That's relatively unlikely if it was one of his (very careful) studio recordings, but such things happen all the time in live performances.

The best song i ever heard!!!!!! | Reviewer: Da Science Lover
    ------ About the song The Elements performed by Tom Lehrer

As soon as I heard this song it got stuck in my head. I sing it every day in the morning and whenever I am bored. This is probably the best scientific song that I ever heard!!!!!!

BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Love Science
    ------ About the song The Elements performed by Tom Lehrer

This is the most catchy and amazing song. The first time I heard it I fell in love with it. All I can say is that this is the best scientific song. The first time you hear it it is very hard to follow along, even with the lyrics, but when you keep hearing it and practicing you start to memorize it little by little.

I would rate its song 11/10.

I'm in it for the chocolate | Reviewer: Sasha
    ------ About the song The Elements performed by Tom Lehrer

My science teacher told us that she will buy boxes of chocolates and who ever can stand up and sing the whole song in front of the class by the end of the term gets one. I've already memorized the first verse

Love this | Reviewer: Anonymous II
    ------ About the song That's Mathematics performed by Tom Lehrer

This used to be on the maths homepage of our school website and every time we logged on it would start playing from various computers around the classroom. It became something of a running gag! Great song though. Tom Lehrer = genius

Less than sixty seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Superman
    ------ About the song The Elements performed by Tom Lehrer

Man once I heard this song I fell in love with it! I began singing it at school and all my peers are asking me if those are even words! And yes, the title is appropos to how fats I sang it! Someone, please break my record of less than a minute!

So hard | Reviewer: MeMyselfAndI :P
    ------ About the song The Elements performed by Tom Lehrer

Even just reading the words my tongue gets tripped up lol.. Glad we aren't having a competition in our school. I don't sing. Like at all. Well I do at home, but...yeah. And I like genetics so much better than this stuff but it is pretty awesome. If any of my nerdy friends see this.. Hi! If this is Sophie..

Working on it... | Reviewer: Potato
    ------ About the song The Elements performed by Tom Lehrer

so our science teacher is giving us 2 weeks to memorize this for extra credit. so my friend (super smart) MEMORIZES IT THE NEXT DAY AND RECITES IT TO U HER IN THE MORNING. Still working on it during winter break... wish me luck :/

Memorizing! | Reviewer: Person
    ------ About the song The Elements performed by Tom Lehrer

In Science, we're going over the Periodic Table and I just love it! Nobody has asked me to memorize it, but being the competitive person I am, I've decided to challenge myself to learn this! So, next year, if I take Chemistry, I'll (hopefully) be a little ahead of everyone! (: Thanks Tom Lehrer and Sing365 for producing the song and giving us the lyrics! (Listening to the song and writing down the words wasn't very helpful.) Peace out!

great song | Reviewer: haiden
    ------ About the song The Elements performed by Tom Lehrer

I am the only one in my school to sing this harry podder can do it I said I can to I did and now I sing all the time because people want to see if it is true now the song I sing made me a cool person

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